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Bright Lights Film Journal began life as a print publication in 1974, published and edited by Gary Morris. In 1995, the magazine went online exclusively as In April 2014, it retired its quarterly issue publication model in favor of a more contemporary approach and now continually pushes content live.

As part of this adjustment, Bright Lights merged its legacy issue content into the new site structure. Readers can find this content via the form in the upper right corner.

Our issue archive is outlined below for readers who wish to browse it.

» 82
November 2013
The Warner Brothers, Avatar, horny widows cinema, Team Apatow, Edward II, End of Watch, bookshops and The Big Sleep, Haynes’s Poison, Les Carabiniers and The Silence, Blue Jasmine, ParaNorman, Nobody’s Daughter Haewon, Holy Motors, Gravity, The Grandmaster, It’s Always Fair Weather, The House on Skull Mountain, Two-Lane Blacktop, The Beguiled, Eyas Salman, Kinotavr Film Festival, and DVDs

» 81
August 2013
Lang’s Nibelungenleid, Noel Coward movies, Allan Dwan, A King in New York, Lincoln vs. Django UnchainedDouble Suicide, Night of the Living Dead, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The Lone Ranger, Stories We Tell, The Life of Pi, Elysium, World War Z, Angel Face, The Big Lebowski, Night Tide, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Trevor Howard, Peter Forgacs, Cannes Film Festival, early Curtis Harrington, recent DVDs, and books

» 80
May 2013
Breaking Bad, Girls, and Mad Men, surfing cinema, Fifty Shades of Grey, archives of Phantom of the Paradise, remote viewing, James Young Deer, lost films of the 1840s, road movies, swooning cinema, good bad movies, Jurassic Park, Breaker Morant, Django Unchained, The Four Feathers (2002), Synechdoche, New York, Plata Quemada, King of Comedy, Amour, My Zinc Bed, The Kid with a Bike, Under the Volcano, Vertigo, Roger Ebert obit, Zero Dark Thirty, Academy Awards, Amir Ramses, Basil Rathbone, recent DVDs, Istanbul Film Festival, and books

» 79
February 2013
Women-in-prison films, Powell & Pressburger’s Colonel Blimp and I Know Where I’m Going, Chaplin’s Limelight, the PBS problem, bankers and businessmen, David Bowie, Gatsby in movies and novel, To Rome with Love, Mickey Rooney profile,The Talented Mr. Ripley, Inglourious Basterds, Caché, Lincoln, Skyfall, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Andrea Arnold’sWuthering Heights, consumer culture, early Renoirs, Asquith’s Underground, opera on Blu-ray, recent Turkish cinema, recent DVDs, book reviews

» 78
November 2012
Los Angeles as cinematic underworld, history of editors, Adam Curtis’ documentaries, sex tourism in cinema, gentlemanliness in film, Nostalgia for the Light, sissy spectatorship in slasher films, Alphaville, The Tenant, Todd Haynes interview, Paul Morrissey interview, 18 Days, The Hunger Games, August 31st, Kahaani, High Noon, Freaks, Southern Comfort, Fuller’s Park Row and Shark!, Astaire on TV, Jan Svankmajer, Bad Viewer Manifesto, recent DVDs, Melbourne Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, book reviews

» 77
August 2012
Banned Gore Vidal interview, HK Category III films, Chaplin at Keystone, Sophia Coppola and Lost in Translation, television and Chauncey Gardner, The Artist, Batman’s mask, The Dark Knight Rises, Death of a President, Fargo, Lola Montes, Prometheus, Take This Waltz, lost noir Private Property, Kechiche and La Graine et la Mulet, films of Wong kar-wai, Peter O’Toole, Silk Stockings, Welles’ Macbeth, the visual “finding,” pre-history of cinema, patriarchal westerns, Moscow and Odessa Film Festivals, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Australian International Experimental Film Festival, recent DVDs, book reviews

» 76
May 2012
Tragic Cinema (JCVD), Six Degrees of Seperation, Anthony Mann, The DevilsRunaway TrainSleeping BeautyDamnation,Don’t Look BackStartrek VITestimonyHugo, Scorsese, Postwar Berlin, Touch of Evil, City of Life, VALIE EXPORT, In Passing, Funny Face, Anthony Perkins, Hugo Haas, recent DVDs, book reviews

» 75
February 2012
Easy Rider, counterculture cinema, the Polka Tremblante, media movies before TV, Korean cinema, Ava Gardner, Carrie, The Departed, A Snake of June, The Sixth Sense, Melancholia, Drive, A Dangerous Method, Ghost Protocol, Contagion, Hugo, whyThe Help stinks, Marion Eaton, Robert Cowan, Dev Anand, Vivien Leigh, Woody Allen, Car 54, Where Are You?, The Big Bang Theory, Bright Sights, Thessaloniki festival

» 74
November 2011
Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky, the “going to Alaska” motif, Exit through the Gift Shop, the NRA, American politics in the age of assimilation, moving-camera movies, My Dinner with Andre, Incendies, Darjeeling Limited, Inception, La Pianiste, The Color of Money, Bob Moricz, Ernie Kovacs, Wonder Woman, Chaplin at Keystone, Bergman’s Women, John Huston, Melbourne and Busan Film Festivals, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Bright Sights, and book reviews

» 73
August 2011
Body politics, Boris Barnet, Post-9/11 Sci-fi, Chris Marker, Alexander Sokurov, Jose Luis Guerin, eating cinema, Unstoppable, The Lincoln Lawyer, 1980s metamorphosis cinema, Borzage’s No Greater Glory, Bela Tarr and Luis Bunuel, Arirang, Children of a Lesser God, The Green Hornet, The Green Lantern, The Hangover and rape culture, The Long Goodbye, Meek’s Cutoff, The Tree of Life, Aaron Sorkin’s moral compass, Star Trek, Magnolia, Greer Garson, Andre Delvaux, QDoc festival, Bright Sights (DVD reviews), and books (The Celluloid Closet, Nightmare Movies, Shock Value, They Live)

» 72
May 2011
Tarantino’s influences, Carlos Atanes, Phil Silvers, Archer (Adult Swim), Deborah Kerr, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Norman Foster, orgasms, Martin Scorsese, The Hunted, The Godfather, Sleeping Beauty (Catherine Breillat), The Wizard of Oz, mid-life crisis, The Strange Case of Angelica, Wong Kar-wai, Bright Sights, New Directors/New Films Festival (New York), Sirk and Fassbinder, G-Men, book reviews, and more.

» 71
February 2011
The “Dr. Moreau” theme, Confessions of an Opium Eater, “Dads of Great Adventure,” The Kids Are All Right, soap operas,Black Swan, Trevor Howard, Metropolis, lots of horror, the evil plutocrats, Uncle Boonme, Psycho, Daddy Long Legs, Frankie Latina and Sasha Grey (Modus Operandi), Of Gods and Men, Top 10s, La Dolce Vita, Blake Edwards, Robert Downey Jr., Ladislaw Starewicz, Frederick Wiseman, The Social Contract, etc.

» 70
November 2010
Grindhouse/porn cinemas, the “post-racial” Obama era, Corman and Poe, The Illusionist, Exit Through the Gift Shop, queer ripples in the Bond films and the “career girl” films of the late ’50s early ’60s, Beryl Sokoloff, Jean Luis Bunuel, Harry Alan Potamkin, film festivals from Abu Dhabi to New York to Melbourne, Monsieur Verdoux, James Dean, Hamlet 2, Sternberg, blah blah blah.

» 69
August 2010
Fred Astaire and The Bandwagon, Sex and the City, New Westerns, Random Harvest, Sanshiro Sugata, Michael Chabon, festivals from Thessaloniki to QDoc, book reviews, cinema’s rape disavowal fantasy, Mad Men, cult cinema, Avatar, Phil Spector, and so forth and so on.

» 68
May 2010
King Corn and Fast Food Nation, Star Trek minimalism, Boris Gudonov, Dollhouse, evolutionary horror and psychology, queerness and Eastern Promises, Alice, Los Angeles Plays Itself, early 3-D, Kick-Ass, Shutter Island, Peeping Tom, feminism and S&M in Twilight, Bigger Than Life, and mucho mas!

» 67
February 2010
Satan’s Brew, Cinema of Castration, French arthouse horror, Avatar, The Road, Val Lewton’s statuary, the Coen Brothers, Renoir’s Toni, 30 Rock, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Kubrick shorts, Divine, Paranormal Activity, Rod Steiger interview, Guillermo Arriagas interview, Anna Biller interview, The Jazz Baroness, Belle of New York, book reviews, and much more

» 66
November 2009
Roman Polanski, The Killing, Straightlaced, Inglourious Basterds, interviews with Jonas Mekas and the Yes Men, noir in the west, Strategic Air Command, festivals in Melbourne, New York, Vancouver, and Portland, profiles of Delphine Seyrig and Sean Connery, Cruising, Knowing, and Race to Witch Mountain, Cheeta, Gatsby, and more

» 65
August 2009
Antichrist, Grey Gardens, Pelham 1 2 3, profiles of Steve McQueen and John Barrymore, Wise Blood, Royal Wedding, andLolita, bromances, pre-code fun, The Singing Fool, Thomas Pynchon, interview with Arthur Penn, Cannes Film Festival, Food Inc., Andre Bazin, Bright Sights, Marie Dressler, Michael Winterbottom, Jean Gabin, and more

» 64
May 2009
Retro Virus, AIDS in cinema, French Cinema, André Bazin, Mike Tyson, Hollywood Hotel, Let’s Dance, Tex Avery, Nude on the Moon, Hong Kong International Film festival, Ida Lupino, James Mason, Ruan Lingyu, Lee Tracy, pre-Code cinema, The Woman They Almost Lynched, Scarlet Street, Allan Dwan, book reviews, and more

» 63
February 2009
Charlie Kaufman, Jerry Lewis, John Cassavetes, Charlie Chaplin, Culture Jamming, Way Down East, 25th Hour, John Maybury, AFI Festival, The Boys in the Band, Benjamin Button, Synecdoche New York, Robert Ryan, Robert Warshow, Jean-Pierre Melville, Deepa Mehta, pre-Code cinema, book reviews, and more

» 62
November 2008
Prokofiev, The Gambler, Alfred Hitchcock, Vanity Fair, Tatsuya Nakadai, Lost Highway, Visitor Q, Manny Farber, Description of a Memory, The Women, Queer Docs, Melbourne Film Festival, and more

» 61
August 2008
John Cassavetes, Gene Hackman, Psycho, Iron Man, Across the Universe, Larry Clark, Terence Davies, A Clockwork Orange,George Sanders, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and more

» 60
May 2008
Roger Ebert, gothic Eurowesterns, Rules of the Game, Samson and Delilah, The Circus, Gloria Grahame, Isabella Rossellini, Charles Burnett, There Will Be Blood, Street Kings, Doris Dörrie, Natasha Arthy, Jonathan Caouette, and more

» 59
February 2008
Heath Ledger, Peter Watkins, hillbilly sexploitation, Naomi Watts, Charles Boyer, Gregg Araki, Wes Anderson, Death Proof, I Am Legend, Jesus Camp, Mystery Train, Lili, and more

» 58
November 2007
Wallpaper in cinema, IMAX, Kiss Me Deadly, Brand Upon the Brain, The Lady from Shanghai, The Searchers, Hairspray,Zhang Yimou, Autumn Sonata, and more

» 57
August 2007
Queer ways of looking; Sicko, Please Leave Quietly, 300, Mitchell Brothers, Tom Lazarus, Irene Dunne, Su Friedrich, 28 Weeks Later, I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone, Lights in the Dusk, Ocean’s Thirteen, Ratatouille, Paul Verhoeven, Cattle Queen of Montana, and more

» 56
May 2007
Richard Pryor, Blades of Glory, Time of the Wolf, Black Snake Moan, Breach, Casino Royale, Canadian popular cinema,Letters from Iwo Jima, The Free Will, Music and Lyrics, Zodiac, Jean Arthur, Magnum P.I., Hitchcock’s mothers, and more

» 55
February 2007
Hitchcock and male envy, Barbara Kopple, Michelangelo Antonioni, Jack Arnold, The Other Side of the Wind, Blood Diamond, Casino Royale, The Good Shepherd, Happy Feet, Casablanca, The Queen, The Sun Also Rises, Buñuel, Charlie Chaplin, Abbas Kiarostami, Hong Kong’s new wave of women stars, 25th Vancouver International Film Festival, Caveh Zahedi, Quay brothers, and more

» 54
November 2006
Camille Paglia, new black films, Tsai Ming-liang, Faulkner and film noir, Dancer in the Dark, The Ant Bully, The Departed, Workingman’s Death, Naked, Superman Returns, Infamous, Monster House, Marie-Antoinette, Red Rock West, film noir since the 50s, The Company of Wolves, Charlie’s Angels, Two-Lane Blacktop, Louise Brooks, and more

» 53
August 2006
Charlie Chaplin, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, Fear of Fear, Army of Shadows, An Inconvenient Truth, Hour of the Wolf, Querelle, Prairie Home Companion, Rita Hayworth, The Devil Wears Prada, Park Chan-wook, Bruce Young, Michel Gondry,The Da Vinci Code, District B-13, Innocence, Mission Impossible III, Don Giovanni, Comedy Central’s Pam Anderson Roast,Rey Parla, and more

» 52
May 2006
Korean cinema, Atom Egoyan, two Ben-Hurs, Three Little Words, Sunset Blvd., Red Beard, Brick, Glory Road, Thank You for Smoking, cinema sequels, documentaries on surrealist women artists, James Bidgood interview, the European Union Film Festival, Transamerica, Moments Choisis des Histoire(s) du Cinéma, God’s Angry Man, Pink Narcissus, Ryan’s Daughter, The Pirate, Busby Berkeley on DVD, Naruse, leading men and leading women, and more

» 51
February 2006
Austrian cinema, Tab Hunter, Henry Willson, Nine Hamlets, Proust on Film, The Human Stain, Manderlay, Don’t Come Knocking, L’Enfant, Sargeant Madden, King Kong, Brokeback Mountain, King of Kings, Return of the Soldier, Juvenile Court, Flirting with Disaster, Jarhead, A History of Violence, Lillian Gish, Peter Chung interview, Harold Lloyd, 2005 Portland Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and more

» 50
November 2005
Joel McCrea, The Guardian, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake), Val Lewton, The Leopard Man, Le Courbeau, The Innocents, the rape-revenge film, Olive Thomas, Frederick Wiseman and Leni Riefenstahl (Olympia and Titticut Follies), Altman’s Secret Honor, The Barkleys of Broadway, interviews with Satyajit Ray, Michael Haneke, and Fruit Chan,Boudu Saved from Drowning, Capote, Domino, Bewitched, Monk, Proof, Serenity, The Wayward Cloud, NYFF, Chicago International, and Cannes reviews, Good Night, and Goodbye, and more

» 49
August 2005
Margaret Sullavan, Charlie Chaplin at Mutual, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Hitchchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Mad Hot Ballroom, Batman Begins, German cinema, Sin City, Princess Raccoon, Star Wars Episode III, War of the Worlds, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Elmore Leonard on film, interview with Arnaud Desplechin, The Truman Show, Kings and Queen, Darren Stein interview, Lars von Trier interview, The Joy of Life, ’60s Austrian avant garde movies, Privilege, Human Rights Watch Festival, Fred Halsted, Kim Longinotto, and more

» 48
May 2005
Douglas Sirk, Have Gun, Will Travel, Jane Fonda, Easter Parade, subtitles, Leave Her to Heaven, Dinner at Eight, The Servant, AI: Artificial Intelligence, German silent gay-themed cinema, Team America: World Police, jazz on DVD, A Matter of Life and Death, Café Lumière, Portrait of Jason, and more

» 47
February 2005
Training Day, Iraq, Happy Together, Life Is a Miracle, Kusturica, High Noon, Howard Hughes, feminism and the rape-revenge film, Clint Eastwood interview, Mania Akbari interview, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Nobody Knows, Maborosi, interview with Bill Plympton, Mike Leigh, Vera Drake, Naked, Chicago Film Festival part 1, The Aviator, Million Dollar Baby, Closer, Sideways, Miles Electric, Bresson, A Man Escaped, Lancelot of the Lake, Cassavetes, Renoir, Kurosawa, Kent MacKenzie’s The Exiles,and more

» 46
November 2004
Pauline Kael, Kubrick and 2001, The Battle of Algiers, The Awful Truth, Blue Skies, Fred Astaire, Frank Capra, Fassbinder’sMartha, both Vanishings, Joan Crawford and other horror divas of the ’60s, contrapuntal antirealism, Preminger’s The Moon Is Blue, La Habañera, Titanic, Münchhausen, Lumumba, Chicago Film Festival part 1, New York Film Festival, CineKink Festival,Friday Night Lights, Open Water, Vera Drake, Evelyn Hooker, Tarnation, Norbert Schultze, and more

» 45
August 2004
Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, Charlie Chaplin, Dogville, Hidalgo, Agatha Christie, Stella Stevens, The Queer Movie Poster Book, Stray Dog, Kurosawa, Survival Research Laboratories, Robert Bresson, Diary of a Country Priest, Quentin Tarantino,Mean Girls, Freaks and Geeks, The Grissom Gang, The Dreamers, Hellboy, Harry Potter, Quentin Tarantino, Super Size Me, The Corporation, Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train, and more

» 44
May 2004
Afropunks, Blood Feast, I’m Not Scared, Full Metal Jacket, The Marriage Circle, Michael Snow, Curtis Harrington, Orson Welles, Gregory La Cava, Marlene Dietrich, outisder music documentaries (Jandek, Gary Wilson, Song-Poems), Bob Dylan,Trainspotting, Peyton Place, Pickup on South Street, Sexual Dependency, The Point, Ziegfeld Follies, Star!, Robert Wise, I’m Not Scared, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer, disturbing movies, and more

» 43
February 2004
Atonal cinema, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Bonnie and Clyde, Down with Love, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, No Maps for These Territories, William Gibson, Kaspar Hauser, interview with Stanley Kauffmann, Return of the King, Mona Lisa Smile, Monster, My Architect, Il Posto, The Sky’s the Limit, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vera, Lars von Trier, Fred Astaire,Oily Maniac, and more

» 42
November 2003
Private Snafu, Fred and Rita in You Were Never Lovelier, Shakespeare, Kiss Me KateRobinson Crusoe on Mars, The Caine Mutiny, Fargo, The Shining, Arnold the Governator, Katrin Cartlidge, Borom Sarett , Cinerama, Joe Gage interview, gay porn,Master and Commander, Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, The Fast Runner, Alice in Wonderland, Christ in Concrete, and more

» 41
August 2003
John Sayles and Roger Corman, Holiday Inn, Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, Danish directors, retro movies, The Sound of Music, Austria image, Glen or Glenda, Leni Riefenstahl and the Bond film titles, Trembling Before God, Madame Sata, Invincible, The Animatrix on DVD, The Mouse That Roared, lesbian and gay docs, Die Mommie Die, and more

» 40
May 2003
The Oscars, Ingmar Bergman, Rita Hayworth, Fellini’s Orchestra Rehearsal, the golden age of cinephile culture, John Garfield,Out of the Fog, realism, Will Smith, Wakefield Poole, Auto Focus, Better Luck Tomorrow, Bowling for Columbine, Griffith on DVD, Holly Woodlawn, homo varieties, Hollywood Rhythms, New Orleans, and more

» 39
Feburary 2003
Fred Astaire, Artie Shaw, Second Chorus, Andy Kaufman, The Emerald ForestBillion Dollar Brain, Burroughs & Gysin & Balch, Rocco and His BrothersVictimGaudi Afternoon, puppets in cinema, DVD reviews, more

» 38
November 2002
Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, Broadway Melody of 1940, The Road to Wellville, Fury, A Clockwork Orange, Attack of the Clones, Candy, Hollywood Liberalism, Otto Muhl, Andy Milligan, drag queen kids, adult/youth relationships, girl gang movies, film festivals, DVD reviews, book reviews

» 37
August 2002
Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, and Langdon; Titanic, Raising Arizona, Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The Hitch-hiker, realism, interview with Margaret Cho, The Cockettes, The Chelsea Girls, film festivals, DVD reviews, more

» 36
April 2002
Black film distribution, Tarantino, Fred & Ginger’s Carefree, Clinton, Superman films, Gosford Park, The Way We Laughed, Little Otik, The Piano Teacher, queers in the military in films, film festivals, more

» 35
January 2002
Damsel in Distress, Eyes Wide Shut, Fellowship of the Ring, Bardot, Bunuel, Robert Wise interview film festivals, more

» 34
October 2001
Shall We Dance, In the Shadow of Hollywood, Mulholland Drive, Le Fate Ignorati, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Mister Scoutmaster,rampaging Frenchwomen, interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis, Audition, Gendernauts, indie music docs, DVD reviews, more

» 33
July 2001
Swing Time, Baise-Moi, Wadd, Crouching Tiger, Under the Sand, The Mexican, Black Narcissus, Don’t Look Back, Scarlet Empress, Dusan Makavejev, John Holmes, Barry Purves, British exploitation cinema, Gohatto; Uchida Tomu, Louis Prima, Dylan, and more

» 32
April 2001
Follow the Fleet, De Sade, Bombay Boys, Nico and Dani, Jazz on a Summer’s Day, Pirates of Capri, Euro sex and horror films, Abigail Child, Julia Roberts, film festivals, more

» 31
January 2001
The Fabulous Baker Boys, Top Hat, Crouching Tiger, Just One Time, Jaundiced Eye, Detour, Burlesk King, Angel, Good Morning, Variety Lights, Hamlet, Pygmalion, interview with Jackie Chan and John Woo, Japanese silent films, HK action, and more

» 30
October 2000
Robinson Crusoe in movies, Japan’s first film actress, Irving Berlin on film, Topsy Turvy, Fetishes, Water Drops on Burning Rocks, Fire, From the Edge of the City, Criminal Lovers, Orphic Trilogy, Scandal in Paris, Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, and more

» 29
July 2000
Abortion in Hollywood movies, recent French cinema, European dubbing fun, Russ Meyer interview, Sex Pistols, Annabel Chong, American Psycho, Some Mother’s Son, The Filth and the Fury, Carl Dreyer, Ian Kerkhof, Luther Price, Lawrence Brose, Jack Smith, and more

» 28
April 2000
Hitchcock, Dogme, Lillian Hellman, Louise Hassing interview, heroin, The Fight Club, Casino Royale, Woman in the Dunes, Psycho, The Bad Seed, The Gay Divorcee, the Kuchars, Richard Dindo, Edgar G. Ulmer, Radley Metzger, a and more

» 27
January 2000
American indie cinema of the ’60s, interview with Roger Corman, New World Pictures, gallery of pre-Code women, Carl Dreyer, James Broughton, Saragossa Manuscript, The Big Heat, Saving Private Ryan, Head On, Boys Don’t Cry, Show Me Love, The Trio, and more

» 26
November/December 1999
Mike and George Kuchar, Morris Engel and Ruth Orkin, Mario Bava, Radley Metzger, Leni Riefenstahl, Mizoguchi, Fellini interview, Flying Down to Rio, Murder at the Vanities, The King of Jazz, American Beauty, Red Desert, Bedrooms and Hallways, Finding North, Get Real, Happy, Texas; The Velocity of Gary, and more

» 25
August 1999
Michael and Janet Jackson, Andy Warhol, Martin Arnold, Radley Metzger, Robert Benchley, David DeCoteau interview, queer film festival, To Have and Have Not, Edge of Seventeen, Defying Gravity, Hard, and more

» 24
April 1999
Robert Bresson, Rock Hudson and Doris Day, William Friedkin, Sadie Benning, Andy Warhol, Kurt Kren, Ron Athey, Paul Morrissey, Pillow Talk, The Boys in the Band, Paulina, Skin and Bone, Heat, Trash, Flesh, Uncut, Women in Revolt, Panic Bodies, and more

» 23
December 1998
Queer horror, the sissy gaze, Thanhouser silents, tranny festival, Bad Manners, Mother and Son, Unmade Beds, Pink Flamingos, Love is the Devil, I Am Cuba, Jules and Jim, and more

» 22
September 1998
Tex Avery, Mizoguchi, Oskar Fischinger, Life of Oharu, Nights of Cabiria, Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss, The Hanging Garden,and more

» 21
May 1998
AIP’s beach party movies, Fassbinder, Radley Metzger, Kurosawa, SF queer film fest, penisspotting, queer cartoons, Barbie Nation, Bugis Street, L.A. Confidential, Whoopee!, and more

» 20
November 1997
Sci-fi’s nationalist narratives, Albert Zugxsmith, Gregory Markopoulos, queer kisses, Contempt, The Fugitive, Black Rose II, Enjoy Yourself Tonight, Final Justice, Midnight Zone, Once Upon a Time in China and America, Boyfriends, Love’s Debris, Conspirators of Pleasure, and more

» 19
July 1997
San Francisco queer festival, Joan Crawford, penisspotting, Different for Girls, Gay USA, Who’s the Man?, Purple Noon, The Bride of Frankenstein, and more

» 18
March 1997
Douglas Sirk, Bette Davis, yellowface, blaxploitation, Afro Promo, Vertigo, Combat Autopsy, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, Beyond Hypothermia, The Blade, Two Deaths, and more

» 17
September 1996
American movies 1961-67, San Francisco’s Castro Theatre, Allan Dwan interview, Paul Morrissey, Laurel and Hardy, pre-Code cinema, MGM, Warner Bros., What a Way to Go!, Seven Samurai, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Supercop, The Queen, Tender Fictions, Vegas in Space, Gay Cuba, and more

» 16
April 1996 (BLFJ‘s first web issue)
Silent film star Asta Nielsen, Betty Boop, Carmen Miranda, Norma Shearer, Nathan Lane, Jean Seberg, Annie Sprinkle interview, Russ Meyer interview, Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, Cruising, Ed Wood, and more