Bright Lights Film Journal

Repo Men on DVD

Could any film hit closer to our cultural amygdalae than Repo Men?

Millions of people have seen the “American Dream” crumble before them during the Great Recession and can’t help but worry that their heretofore credit-financed lifestyles will bring the repo men of the present knock, knock, knocking on the door. Mix in the national debate (read, “irrational scream fest”) over bringing the primitive, corporate-driven US healthcare system into line with the rest of the free — and even not-so-free — world, and Miguel Sapochnik’s film seems less like the result of inspiration — even the Hollywood, dollar sign variety — and more like a progressive lobbying effort.

And God bless him. With all the drinking we’re doing to allay our economic fears, it won’t be long before the market demand for new livers spikes and a Union-style manufacturing concern pops up to satisfy it.

Repo Men is released on DVD later this summer in the US and UK. (Details @ IMDb.)