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The Simpsons Movie: from D’oh to Dough! Helping white men get richer for 18 years!

Yes, Matt Groening and James L. Brooks are rich, rich white men, and thanks to The Simpsons Movie, they’re going to be even richer. Much as I would like to make fun of this movie, I can’t. It’s funny. Apparently, some Simpsons fans are little ticked that this isn’t quite the overwhelming existential masterpiece they’ve always dreamed of. Well, tough. I missed Marge’s MacGyver-loving sisters, but I coped.

I watched The Simpsons pretty regularly in the early years, but somehow my enthusiasm dwindled. I was a lot more like Ralph (see above) than Bart when I was growing up, and they seemed to pick on Ralph an awful lot. But we shouldn’t be too hard on The Simpsons. It made a lot of wiseass Harvard white boys rich, and kept them away from foreign policy.