Bright Lights Film Journal

Now’s the time for BOOM!

We live in a weird age, full of metatextual interconnectivity, zeitgeist-riding, and death. Now that Liz Taylor’s gone, and her legacy and oeuvre suddenly unearthed down to the most arcane and forgotten of projects. Is it time, now, to recognize what John Waters has long known, that BOOM! is the bomb.

John Waters introducing BOOM! at EGS!

“a film that really personifies my taste – the best failed art movie ever.”

Dangerous Minds sez: “When we meet her, La Taylor is seen swanning about her private island wearing insanely elaborate Karl Lagerfeld clothes and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Bugari jewels. She is attended to by fawning servants (including a surly dwarf!) as she dictates her memoirs and asks for constant “injections” for her pain (as if she could feel any due to all the booze and prescription painkillers she was on, but I digress).

Burton arrives on her island and is nearly ripped apart by a pack of her guard dogs. She asks him to stay and offers him a change of clothes, which includes a Samurai sword which he sports, inexplicably, for much of the film. They spend much of their screen time engaged in (obviously) drunken screaming matches. It’s AWESOME!

Now’s the time! I’m a go watch it and be bright back!