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Girlies and Spider Babies living down the Lane

Left to right: Vanessa Howard (Girly, 1970); Jill Banner (Spider Baby, 1968)

This spring, I’m all about homicidal nymphets, and wouldn’t you know it, so is Stacie Ponder at Final Girl, who’s hosting a big SPIDER BABY event at her Final Girl Ye Olde Film Club. Check it out here. And check out my own BABY thoughts here (replete with a comment from Spider Baby director Jack Hill himself!).

Then there’s Freddie Francis’ amazing and underseen GIRLY (1970) which I’ve also blogged about, and learned to love quite dearly. Like SPIDER BABY, it concerns a deranged family unit living in isolation in a crumbling mansion and preying on passers-by for shits and giggles, baby, yeah, British and in-color style. In short, this is a swell time for homicidal nymphets and the decaying death-drivin’ filmbloggers who love them. Soon maybe even Bela from TWILIGHT will finally get her fangs.