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Rosie, Babs, and the Donald: When the ugly get ugly

We at BLAD have largely stayed out of the ever-metastasizing contretemps involving Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara Walters, and Donald Trump, in part because Rosie’s the only one who has ever made a movie, but mostly because all three are so damn ugly, not to mention tedious. Together, they’ve made Tom Cruise look normal, and Britney’s crotch, tasteful.

However, the original bone of contention in all this mess, Tara Conner, Miss U.S.A. gone bad, is definitely cute, so we’re running a shot of her today. Tara’s in rehab right now, of course, but we’re thinking that once she gets out she may be ready for a movie, or a reality TV show, or at least a wash a car/eat a hamburger TV commercial, and we’re up for that.