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Jerry Lewis in the News

According to the Los Angeles Times and the The Huffington Post:

“[Comedian] Jerry Lewis made an anti-gay slur on Australian television similar to one he apologized for using on his annual telethon a year ago. Following a news conference in Sydney Friday, Lewis, 82, was asked by a Network Ten national TV reporter for his opinion on the Australian national sport of cricket. ‘Oh, cricket? It’s a f*g game. What are you, nuts?’ Lewis replied.”

Yes, I know this is embarrassing and offensive, but Lewis has been embarrassing and offensive all his performing life. It’s part of his schtick, and we ought to be used to it by now. Besides, he’s 82 years old. It’s not as if he’s running for President or anything.

Meanwhile, on a slightly more uplifting note, Cartoon Brew reports The Weinstein Company is about to bless us with a CGI direct-to-video sequel to the Lewis-directed classic, The Nutty Professor – with the character of Julius Kelp (now a grandfather) vocally performed by Lewis himself. I get shivers just thinking about it. says the title will be released on November 25th. Reserve yours today.