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Big Stars On Drugs!

And, as we all know, the biggest drug is stardom itself. Four superhumans from Ocean’s Thirteen, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Ellen Barkin, chew the fat with Timeman Greg Williams here. Among the major revelations, that movie stars are “whores” (GC), that Ocean’s Thirteen is more Cannonball 3 than Lord of the Rings 3 (BP), that the “extras” put on DVDs are shit (MD), that the performances in Ocean’s Thirteen are shit (MD once more) , and that Greg Williams is a putz (EB). In a serious, give away the store revelation, Clooney acknowledges that guest star Al Pacino, also a whore, does not have a “hoo-ah” moment in Ocean’s Thirteen. Brad counters by acknowledging that not only is he more popular than Jesus, he’s better looking, so it’s only fair that he’s fucking Angelina Jolie, and goes on to say that he dropped Jennifer Aniston after seeing her performance in Along Came Polly.*

This next link does not have much to do with “film,” but if, like me, you think that Nancy Grace is an overfed southern whore (just my opinion), who wears more makeup than Elvis’ corpse (again, just one man’s opinion, and just one pair of eyes), who would like to put everyone with a dick in jail for life (probably an exaggeration, but who knows?), check this out.

*Just kidding.