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3 L.A. Links

At the L.A. Weekly, a story about the making and promotion of David Lynch’s Eraserhead, and about the musician, Peter Ivers, who composed the unforgettable song, “In Heaven,” lipsynched by the Lady in the Radiator (above).

Again at the L.A. Weekly, a piece about neglected director Richard Quine, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and about his troubled relationship with Kim Novak, pictured in Quine’s Strangers When We Meet (above). [Thanks to Tom Sutpen for the image.]
Finally, via the Los Angeles Times – UCLA will be screening Charles Laughton Directs ‘Night of the Hunter’, two hours of carefully restored outtakes showing Laughton directing Robert Mitchum, et al. in his one-shot Expressionist masterpiece. Longer than the film itself!

ADDENDUM 8/11: Joe D’Augustine reports on the Laughton program here.