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Smoke on, mighty Lohan!

I’m always happy to see pics of the very cool Lohan-Ronson team, but the blog who posted them, Dlisted misses a chance to champion free spirit, and instead takes the moral high ground, chastising the gals for being greasy and gay: “This time they’re spreading the gayelle cheer in Miami. And by “cheer” I mean fleas. Lesbian fleas.”

Someone should really give those poor bitter dlist dearies a hug, or a good shag, so they stop hating on all the people gettin’ some. Bashing pop/film stars for how they’re dressed when they’re just trying to walk and smoke down the street? Come on! IRON MAIDEN T-shirt?! Sorry, but even my redneck brother is cool in his Iron Maiden t-shirt and Lindsay and Sam are cooler than all of dlist put together. Don’t hate the players, dlist, hate the game.

Especially uncool of dlist is the vulgar cunnilingual commentary and questioning (which common human decency forbids my repeating). Dlists’ rote sexual disgust bespeaks a lack of genuine experience (maybe they should try some instead of sneering like frightened republicans at a pot party); most of us stop saying mean stuff about that which we do not understand when we’re in the 5th grade, unless we’re in a frat… or the KKK, or the republican party, or otherwise not gettin’ any. Luckily, as an antidote to those trash talkers is the always A-list Kim Morgan, who notes on her MSN blog:

I don’t care if she probably borrowed the shirt from Ms. Ronson and hasn’t fully experienced “The Number of the Beast.” My entreaty? More sexy girls in Iron Maiden tee-shirts working it with their Brandon/Teena gal pals! More! It’s a new world people. Wake up!

Amen, Kim, and can we also get a few more bloggers like you?! More champions of the true rebel spirit and less of these Norman Bates-ish slander mongers?! I know those dlisters have to be foul for the hit count & cheek factor, but Lindsay deserves better; maybe she’s never fully experienced “the Number of the Beast,” but you know damn well know she counts!