Bright Lights Film Journal

Robert Goulet, RIP

OK, Bob was not widely known as a film star, but a dead celebrity is a dead celebrity, right? Besides, there’s plenty of trés hip Bob Goulet shit on the web. Go here for a site that lets you pay your respects to Sir Lancelot. There are some nice video clips of Bob here, although the infamous “Emerald Nuts” clip (not what you think, of course) has been suppressed. Bob played Satan in his last film, G-Men from Hell, available on DVD and nicely reviewed here, and praised for its imaginative use of Gary Busey, something you definitely don’t want to try at home. Best of all, “Pandora” Internet radio will “create” an “all Bob” (or “all Bob-ish“) radio station for you here. Goulet on the Net 24/7? Who died and went to heaven, Bob or me?