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Now it can be told: The mysterious sighting of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT

If you’re at all a horror film fan you need to know about this amazing story: the missing nitrate of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT has been found. This long lost 1927 film stars Lon Chaney and is directed by Todd Browning. This is to horror and monster fans what the Shroud of Turin is to Christianity.

I’m big on UFO sightings and extra-dimensional perception too, as evinced by recent Acidemic blogs, so I’m taking my belief with a grain of salt as always (I neither believe nor disbelieve anything, Watson!)… but damn, iiregardless of our beliefs and suspicions, we all need to petition and fight the ignorance especially as regards LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT – also known as THE HYPNOTIST. Maybe we should just petition Warner to release THE HYPNOTIST, which is how it’s labeled in the vaults according to our friend linked above? Mmmmaybe

Also, the time is upon us for full govt. diisclose the secrets of Operation Blue Book… but just let that simmer in your unconscious reptilian depths for now. For now, concentrate on the cinema. When sending out your crackpost missives, make Free the LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT AKA THE HYPNOTIST NITRATE your top directive!