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Neurotics Rejoice!

Mark Harris at Slate has the word on the Warner Archive Collection. For only $19.95, Warner will burn a DVD just for you, from its “not released on DVD” list. You can see, among other things, Robert Altman’s crappiest film, Countdown (1968), which Mark describes as “a dull moon-landing thriller in which the sets look like they’re made out of spray-painted Styrofoam and pressboard.” Also available, Spitfire (1932), featuring Katherine Hepburn cast seriously against type as a hillbilly (really). I’m not sure I’d want to pay $19.95 to hear Kate’s Bryn Mawr cornpone, but if you do, you can.

These films have not been restored for release, and at this point only 165 flicks are available, but Mark is seriously bullish, claiming that ultimately Warner will dump its entire collection of 5,600 not-on-DVD flicks into the mill. So if you’ve got a loose $112 grand on you, you could be sitting pretty.