Bright Lights Film Journal

Forget the blockbusters and ride with the Boopster!

If Bob’s review of Lady in the Water (below), didn’t get you wet, check out a gal who can, Betty Boop, whose classic cartoons are available on the web via YouTube here. The list includes “I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You,” featuring Louis Armstrong and “The Old Man of the Mountain,” with Cab Calloway. “Bamboo Isle” features our gal sans bra, shaking her A cups like nobody’s business, nobody’s business but her own. BL editor Gary Morris contributed a classic review of Betty and all her works way back in the VHS era here. There’s an excellent “Heptunes”* website devoted to the Boopster here, with a precis of each cartoon. (By the way, if you happen to notice puppy ears on early Betty, don’t be alarmed. She was originally conceived of as a dog. Also, belated thanks to Jesse Walker at Reason, who put me on to YouTube Betty.)

*For more fun, visit the Heptunes homepage here, put together by folks on Guam with lots of time on their hands.