Bright Lights Film Journal

Fear of Ryan

In his dyspeptically titled post, “You’ve Got Mush; or, Lucy in the Sky with Diabetes,”
a terminally testy Jai Arjun Singh writes about his deepest, subtlest nightmare: dying in a plane crash while watching a Meg Ryan movie!

“I’ve come to think of Ms Ryan as a personal nemesis, for her movies, two, three of them at once, have featured on the in-flight entertainment system of every long-haul plane I’ve been on in the past few years.”

Jai trashes poor Meg at some length before mentioning the all-important fact that he “had a minor crush on her myself when I saw Sleepless in Seattle at 15,” but “one grows out of these things, right?”

Sorry, Jai, but it ain’t that easy. There’s a little thing called karma, and it’s kicking your ass all over the subcontinent. You’ve snagged yourself a hunk of samsara that I wouldn’t wish on George Bush, and it’s all your fault.*

*However, I would wish it on Dick Cheney.