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Early Warning re “Early Hawks Blog-a-thon”

FOB (“Friend of Bright Lights“) Ed Howard writes in to announce: “my new blog-a-thon, which will run from January 12-23, 2009 and will focus on the early films of Howard Hawks. More details here. I’m announcing it far in advance to give time for the word to spread and for those who are interested to get ahold of the films if they haven’t seen them before. I would really appreciate a mention at the Bright Lights blog to get the word out to any Hawksians who might be interested in participating or at least reading.”

Please note that the blog-a-thon will encompass only those films made by Hawks prior to Bringing Up Baby in 1938 (i.e., nothing later than 1936). I, for one, consider this to be an excellent idea. Like those two other great directors of the human comedy, Jean Renoir and Leo McCarey, Hawks had a long and fruitful career that included several late *masterpieces,* but I also consider that, like Renoir and McCarey, Hawks was at his most consistently interesting and inventive in the 1920s and ’30s as he and the cinema discovered his (its/their) voice. So heed Ed’s warning, and check out these films if you haven’t seen them already.

Ed Howard’s blog, Only the Cinema, can be read here.