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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you’re already in Doris heaven, what with the Doris Day Collection, Volumes 1 & 2, plus the Rock/Doris collection, plus just about every other film she ever made now out on DVD, plus her 1971 TV special* with Rock Hudson and Perry Como, but heaven just got better! Can’t believe it? Ask me now and I’ll tell you how! Tom Santopietro’s latest and greatest, Considering Doris Day, that’s how!

I know that in the past I was a little tough on Doris, in a breezy little piece I called “‘Need a light, cowboy?’ Tony & Rock go down on Doris in Pillow Talk,” but, frankly, I did not mean it all that much. And I would point out that Tom, who uses the word “sublime” in connection with DD a lot more often than I would, does wonder, from time to time, how a brilliant comic actress made so many films that weren’t, um, funny. At all. And Tom even goes so far to suggest a lesbian subplot for Calamity Jane, so don’t feel you haven’t been warned.

But, hey, these are quibbles. As one online reviewer notes, “Thankfully Mr. Santopietro’s book is a nice opening act for what promises to be the definitive book about Miss Day, the long-awaited But Not For Me due out in 2008 and written by David Kaufmann.”

I rented Pillow Talk to get in a proper frame of mind and to pick up the iconic shot of Miss Day and Miss Hudson that accompanies this post. I must admit that I was staggered by the unending flow of miserable, circa 1959 double-entendres and even more staggered by the lousy quality of the DVD! Pillow Talk must be the first flick Netflix ever purchased. Hey guys! Time to retire Old Number 1!

*People who bought the Doris 1971 special were also likely to buy That Girl, Seasons 1 & 2. Why am I not fucking surprised?