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Anticipating BLOOD

Some things worth noting in connection with this trailer:

The cut to the child listening (about halfway through) is brilliant. It puts everything we’ve heard up to that point in an entirely different context.

This is the first P.T. Anderson movie to be based on someone else’s work (the novel Oil by Upton Sinclair).

And NOT ONE of P.T. Anderson’s usual stock company appears in it. No Philip Seymour Hoffman. No Philip Baker Hall. No John C. Reilly, William H. Macy, or Julianne Moore. Is PTA deliberately trying to break from his past?

Bright Lights editor, Gary Morris, points to this link re an upcoming documentary on horror hosts – among them, Cleveland’s Ghoulardi, as played by P.T. Anderson’s father, Ernie Anderson.

Not to be confused with presidential candidate (and Crypt Keeper look-alike), Rudy Ghouliani.