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Yo Mary! Yo Mary! Yo Mary!

Sorry, dudes, but I’m going to get on your case and stay on it! Mary Worth rocks! You’ve got to check out the latest episodes on ZeroTV here, especially now that superslease Dudley Ford is on the scene. Sure he’s got a great physique, but, as Mrs. Cameron so aptly puts it, he’s “about as refreshing as a breath of poison gas!” Harsh? You betcha! But what else can you say about a guy whose idea of humor is “Say neighbor! Can I borrow a cup of telephone?” Plus, he’s even rude to Hispanics! Excuse me, but would you want that living next door to you? This guy is such bad news that I wonder if even Mary could kick his ass!*

Complete ZeroTV calendar for January here.

*But presumably she did, because all this shit went down in the strip back in 1998. So don’t get your knickers into too tight a knot.