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Who’s dumber, Tom’r Sumner?

Octogenarian ViaCom Chairman Sumner Redstone , is he a man or a missile? , says that ViaCom subsidiary Paramount is dropping Tom Cruise because “his recent conduct has not been acceptable.” Hollywood insider Nikki Finke gives the snotty old fart a proper pounding here.

Among other things, Nikki notes that Paramount “is still in business with Robert Evans who not only was a hopeless cocaine addict and regular client of Heidi Fleiss’s prostitution call girl ring for years but pled the Fifth Amendment in connection with a murder rap no less. And let’s not forget that Redstone didn’t blink when Brad Grey’s name surfaced in that Anthony Pellicano (the thug P.I.) mess. So lemme get this straight: Cruise’s jumping around on Oprah’s couch is worse?” (Via the Fix)

Come on, Nikki! Tell us what you really think!