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The Mod Squad: so mod, and, yet, so squad

West Coast and flyover folks may be excused for not following the latest twist in the ongoing political scandal in the Big Apple involving New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, busted for using a state employee to chauffeur his wife around town. Now it seems that Hevesi’s chief of staff, Jack Chartier, used a government car to provide similar services , not for his wife, but for Mod Squad Madonna Peggy Lipton. The poor schmuck just couldn’t get Julie out of his mind.

“He had pictures in his office [of] Peggy Lipton all over the place,” according to the New York Daily News, quoting a “source” (a source that was not a “pal,” apparently).

Jack was scarcely the first man to fall victim to the fatal allure of the girl with short dresses and ironed tresses dreamed up by Aaron Spelling so many years ago. Peggy recently published Breathing Out, which includes descriptions of amorous romps with Elvis, Paul McCartney, and Sammy Davis, Jr. (Oy!)

Peggy enjoyed a rebirth of retro-hipness in the nineties, playing Norma Jennings in Twin Peaks, but the naughties have been rougher. Many of the free rides she got from Sir Galahad were trips for chemo in her fight against colon cancer, although she also managed to appear in several episodes of Alias at the same time, as the murderous mama of golden-haired bitch goddess Melissa George.

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