Bright Lights Film Journal

Sex, Death, Dreaming

The following short films, each less than one minute in length, were created for the compilation project, OneDreamRush.

First, we have Asia Argento on the fluidity of SEXUAL IDENTITY.

Next is Kenneth Anger looking – not for the first time – at DEATH.

And finally, David Lynch looks – not for the first time – at DREAMING.

I hadn’t heard of the OneDreamRush project until I discovered these and other short films in the series on YouTube today. Apparently, China’s largest film producer, the Beijing Film Studio, instigated this project in 2009 in partnership with a New Zealand vodka maker, 42BELOW. They invited 42 international filmmakers working independently and with no other restrictions to each make a film roughly 42 seconds in length responding to the question, “How do we dream?” Additional contributions to the project can be seen on YouTube or at the 42BELOW website.