» 79
"Passions, whether violent or not, must never be expressed to the point of exciting disgust, and as music, even in the most terrible situations, must never offend the ear, but must please the listener, or in other words must never cease to be music… ."
» 72
by Norman Ball
"How does Tibet's cultural destruction differ, in essence, from Time-Warner's choreographed glamorization of bitches and ho's in inner-city America, or death metal's hold over disenfranchised Midwestern youth?"
» 67
"The Jazz Baroness goes beyond the barrel of stereotypes the screeching monkeys of society use against the intricate gusts of life swirling about us." Really!
» 65
"I hope he knew how much the world loved him."
» 62
"Alexei must be condemned to the pointless, loveless, and finally false freedom of a spinning limbo, as unfinished and unfinishable as the best Bakhtinian polyphony."
Two golden-age musicals get the deluxe treatment
"Suddenly my senses are all incredibly acute . . . I'm different, more alive, stronger . . ."
"The surprise musical number can represent a facile avoidance of complexity, a moment of true strangeness, or a way of harmonizing existing, underlying themes."
» 59
"Defenseless against music, I must submit to its despotism and, depending on its whim, be god or garbage." — E. M. Cioran
» 58
"Even if the new Hairspray seems a welcome return to camp for Travolta, his mock-seriousness is as frozen as ever."
"Macheath: I'm not asking you to put on an opera." — Bertolt Brecht, The Threepenny Opera, Act 1, scene 2
» 57
by Justin Vicari
"It flashes before our eyes, and we are not even sure what we have witnessed."
» 53
by Victoria Large
"Shot in earthbound Eastman color, It's Always Fair Weather doesn't look or feel like the Technicolor froth that preceded it."
» 52
Come and meet those dancing feet, and pianos, and buildings, and . . .
by Victoria Large
The best of the Garland-Kelly collaborations?
» 51
"Who doesn't want to be rescued by their narrator?"
» 50
» 48
Fred and Judy celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ
You get what you pay for, if you're lucky
» 47
While the counterculture turns on, Miles plugs in — with startling results
» 46
He composed "Lili Marleen" — and, oh yeah, hundreds of other songs and scores
To construct musicality through expressionism, or to express musicality through constructivism?
Fred 'n' Bing 'n' Irv, Part II
» 45
Fred almost suffocates in Minnelli's Yolanda and the Thief
» 44
Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly barely survive Ziegfeld Follies
by Daniel McNeil
Making up reality: race, rock, and wrestling
"We accept you, we accept you, gibble gobble, gibble gobble."
» 43
"Never let it be said little Freddie can't carry his load"
» 41
There's not much room at the Holiday Inn
» 40
Fred finds out in You'll Never Get Rich
New DVDs offer rare TV appearances by jazz greats Billie Holiday, Gene Krupa, Coleman Hawkins, and Benny Goodman. But where's Thelonious Monk?
Hollywood Rhythms, Vol. 2 offers relief for the Ginger-deprived
How Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday saved New Orleans from the Yankees
» 39
New DVD also includes Ezio Pinza, Lena Horne, and Duke Ellington
» 36
"Colorblind," and maybe just a little bit tone-deaf
» 35
» 34
Ingmar Bergman does it again!
"Let's call the whole thing off?"
Jello Biafra meet '90s D.I.Y. meet Patti Smith meet Rave Kulture meets . . .
» 33
The illustrious history of the king of the hepcats (and the queen of deadpan)
Life is shit: Let's put on a show!
From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China offers three documentaries on DVD for the price of one; Genghis Blues is too shaggy for words
» 32
» 31
What's black and white and simply reeks with class?
Why there are no people like show people
» 30
Forget Barry Manilow — this is the guy who really wrote the songs
Punks hail Brittania in their own peculiar way in this little-seen gem by the late queer auteur
» 29
One of the least known, and one of the very best, of the films that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers did together
Julian Temple's engaging documentary about everybody's favorite spitting, puking punk band
» 28
Fred and Ginger get continental on your ass
» 27
Serling's groundbreaking series was also a warm haven for Hollywood's greatest composer
» 26
This 1934 musical mystery has girls, grins, guns, and Duke Ellington, too
The film that put Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers together on a dance floor
Hot licks and high kicks in a rare early musical
» 25
Self-invention and self-love: Can you tell the difference?
» 23
How can an MGM musical with Judy Garland, a young Perry Como, and a pre-Depends™ June Allyson be obscure?
» 21
A chunk of Flo Ziegfeld's Roaring Twenties Broadway, preserved in glorious, 1930 two-color Technicolor
» 20
Thrill as the withered opera hags revisit their vital past! Scream as the mock-incestuous-lesbian sisters kiss and waltz! Shudder as hunky baritone Sergei Larin makes goo-goo eyes at a twink!

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