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» 82
"The zombies, horrified by the overwhelming stimuli of television and set upon by hordes of trigger-happy rednecks and torch-wielding schoolteachers, are one of the film's many desperate victims of bullying and xenophobia. At its core, ParaNorman is a family comedy about American lynch mobs."
by Andy Hartman
"In the Washington Times I was called 'the Fellini of Fellatio' – a proud moment!"
–Todd Haynes, "From Underground to Multiplex"
» 80
by David Greven
"The queer theorist Leo Bersani has argued for the "self-shattering" qualities of gay sex, but Plata Quemada foregrounds gay desire as a mutually shattering event. The film's romantic nihilism is at the heart of both its appeal and its essentially troubling nature."
» 76
by Willie Tolliver
"Beneath its self-presentation as a satiric comedy of manners lie cogent interrogations of notions about race and class, the history of blacks in America, the limits of assimilation, the representations of black gay men, the nature of African American and Hollywood homophobia, and the fluidity of racial identity. Smith performs, resists, and usurps this character in order to effect certain cultural interventions and to further the cause of his public star identity."
» 73
by L. Andrew Cooper
"Britt looks like the top as he bends Kato over and as he barks orders at his employee, but as every physical confrontation in the film demonstrates, Kato is the stronger man in both mind and body."
"It's encouraging to see how articulate and unafraid many of the kids in Put This on the Map are in deciding who they want to be, how they want to live, and even what they want to be called: 'Very gay,' 'an ally,' 'dating an FTM,' 'not straight, gay, bi, anything.'"
» 70
by Rob Faunce
"We want to be Bond; we want to fuck Bond; we want to be Bond fucking."
by Lorrie Palmer
"Perhaps Hollywood, in trying to engage in queer possibilities for its narratives and with its audiences, could only put up a resistance to the binaries in the dominant culture through humor."
» 69
by Vlad Dima
"Ford creates a unique cinematic experience in which the visual, the aural, and even the olfactory mix to produce a powerful synesthetic experience."
» 68
by Peter Forster
"The filmmaker, having scrupulously established the world of film noir, queers it by shattering the categories – both narrative and cinematic – of the world itself."
by Sara Villa
"The transvestite's camp humor is here used to stress the unsustainability of the military discourses on which the justification of IRA terrorism is based."
» 67
by Lindsay Hallam
"Divine is as unstoppable as nature, destined to repeatedly transgress, destroy, and create."
» 66
by Rob Faunce
"In both Sodom and Gomorrah and Cruising, homosexuality — and its alternate currents — is caught with a glance."
» 65
"A seemingly average person continually surprises and unsettles us by doing something strange and following it up with something even more spectacularly strange."
» 64
by Mark Adnum
"Be aware: there are forces at work here of which we have no knowledge." — Queen Elizabeth 2
» 63
"In the ensuing post-Stonewall civil rights struggles, The Boys in the Band became crazy Aunt Betty locked in the attic when guests came over."
"Heterosexual brides-to-be are one of the demographics that arrive by the busloads to partake of Darcelle's mad mix of risqué zingers, over-the-top musical routines, and mother-hen reassurances."
» 62
Feisty orthodox Jewish dykes, globe-trotting ladyboys, fascistic Armani queens — you know, the gang
Seeing queer lives from the U.S. and Canada to South Africa and Iran
» 57
by Nicholas de Villiers
Ecce homo
Autobiography sometimes trumps art in these uneven works
» 55
If she was forced, like so many actors, to live a closeted life, she at least did it as much on her own terms as she could in those tricky times.
» 53
by Frank Episale
"Why is Fassbinder allowed this aesthetic duplicity in the melodramas but not in Querelle?"
» 52
by Sean Fredric Edgewood
"I don't live in a harem either, but well, God, I did for awhile."
» 49
Put the Camera on Me's queer wunderkind speaks
Naked rough trade, sleepy rimmers, a man licking a modem — these are some of the denizens of Abate's sensual, skewed world
» 48
Kino's unusual series spotlights German silent gay-themed cinema
» 46
» 43
Is queerness an angry chord or a beautiful harmony?
by Edward D. Miller
The "monster" Wuornos and why she won't go away
» 42
by David Boxwell
The downright peculiar pleasures of pre-Code Wheeler & Woolsey
Master and Commander wants to raise your mast
Stage vet Charles Busch does glam for camp movie
» 41
by Tanfer Emin-Tunc and Nichole Prescott
Normalizing "deviant" genders and bodies is just one of many tropes in Wood's complex camp classic
» 40
"No top. No bottom. Just two men discovering each other."
by Seth Nesenholtz
Camp — and coded queerness — finds a surprisingly happy home in the films in Will Smith
Hits and misses from the arthouse to the grindhouse
» 38
If you thought his films were bad, wait till you see his life
by Steve Stewart
There are drag queens and then there are drag princesses
by Melissa Sky
Who is that comely, vicious gal plotting mayhem from the shadows? Why, the dyke of 1960s pop culture, of course
» 37
Warhol's trashy, timeless "girls" come a-callin'
The legendary campsters of the counterculture take a bow in this diverting documentary
» 36
by Steve Stewart
Don't ask, don't tell, but do watch
» 34
This love letter to San Francisco's tranny community is a little too loving
» 33
This brilliant Brit's artistry breathes life into wood and wire
» 32
by Joseph McBride
An affectionate look at one of cinema's still undervalued masters
Child's compulsive visual collages are visual and aural legerdemain
» 31
Giorgios Katakouzinos's 1982 feature is one of the most acclaimed and popular Greek films ever. This in spite of the fact that it's a luridly, not to mention openly, queer story about a homosexual soldier who is forced to become a transvestite prostitute by his macho, domineering lover.
» 30
The tortured queens and killer dykes of yesteryear make way for more rareified queer types this season
The work of an avant-garde master now restored
» 29
New York's pioneering campmeister
The master of Super-8 cinema takes us into the cave of the unknown, with extraordinary results
by Brett Elizabeth Westbrook
The 1960s brought back Hellman's lesbian who vanished three decades earlier in These Three. But why is she dead?
» 28
by Brett Elizabeth Westbrook
Lillian Hellman's 1936 film adaptation of The Children's Hour erased the lesbianism from her play.
» 27
Ecstasy for all! says the pied piper of queer experimental film.
This powerful film is based on the short unhappy life of the now notorious "sexual misfit" Brandon Teena — aka Teena Renae Brandon of Lincoln, Nebraska — who was born a girl but saw herself increasingly as a boy. She convinced most of those she met, including a string of lovesick girlfriends, that she was who she wanted to be: a heterosexual male.
» 26
Major figures in the American Underground film movement of the 'sixties, George and Mike Kuchar are the acknowledged pioneers of the camp/pop aesthetic that would influence practically all who came after them, from Warhol and Waters to Vadim and Lynch.
» 25
The auteur of Petticoat Planet and Retro-Puppetmaster weighs in with his kinky leatherboy arthouse epic Leather Jacket Love Story.
» 24
Sadie Benning has been a cause celebre in the queer community for almost a decade. An iconoclast even as a teen, she employed the infamous "Pixelvision" camera in most of her early work and continues to use it.
» 23
The all-pervasive, barely disguised, downright queerness of classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, and Dracula's Daughter.
by Ray Davis
The cinema sissy is now as rare as rain in the Gobi — but it wasn't always so.
Trannies of every stripe — drag queens and kings, transsexuals, intersexuals, etc. — have traditionally had even less say in constructing their cultural identities than gay people have in creating theirs. Fortunately, trannies are not taking this lying down, as evidenced by San Francisco's daylong Tranny Fest film festival.
For the few who haven't memorized every nuance of this seminal camp work, Pink Flamingos follows the adventures of Babs Johnson (Divine), a fat, style-obsessed criminal who lives in a trailer with her mentally ill mother Edie, her delinquent son Crackers, and her traveling companion Cotton. Their little dream life of shoplifting, egg-sucking, and chicken-fucking is threatened when an eccentric couple try to seize Dawn's title of "filthiest person alive" by sending her a turd in the mail.
» 21
The homely, jowly face, dictatorial blatherings, and ragged leather chaps masked one of the great makers of modern cinema.
A bittersweet look at the daily lives of the tranny whores of a legendary red-light district of 1960s Singapore — with free make-up tips!
» 20
How does it happen that a filmmaker once lauded as "the American avant-garde cinema's supreme erotic poet" vanishes entirely from the cultural landscape?
What is it about the sight of two men kissing that drives Americans insane?
» 19
No institution — society, religion, marriage, or heterosexuality — was safe from the penetrating queer eye of James Whale. Make way for the homosexual creator!
In a cinema crowded with self-conscious transgressions, Kim offers the real article when she strips to show her straight boyfriend the thrilling secrets of the altered body.
Hong Kong's gender-benders are the stuff of legend; director Patrick Chan adds two key works to the canon in these 1996 bookend satires of fame, pop music, and orbidden kisses.
» 17
A brief history of San Francisco's Castro Theatre
John Waters, Zsa Zsa Gabor, The Bad Seed, Supermarionation — drag queen diva Doris Fish trawled through the lowest depths of culture for her homemade camp fairy tale.
This grimy, exciting artifact from the '60s shows how important beauty contests were to the queens who ruthlessly — and kind of sadly — mimicked their straight counterparts.
» 16
Seemingly respectable filmmakers are eagerly repackaging homosexuals as whining, pathetic drag queens for a culture disturbed by sex plagues and nose-ringed militants. If To Wong Foo led the charge, The Birdcage delivers the body blow. This is understandable in a sense. Society longs for the pre-AIDS homosexual, and even more for the comic-pathetic caricatured Drag Queen. And there are plenty of "artists" all too happy to deliver this image.
The "world's worst director" never apologized for wearing women's clothes, though many have questioned his taste in sweaters.

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