» 80
by Patrick Keddie
"They were educated in security, and these guys are raised with the concept that the word 'Jew' means 'enemy.' They all look at themselves in the mirror, and they imagine themselves to be superheroes, spy killers . . . I doubt they even saw the film before banning it."
» 78
"The whole effect is a Rand-esque, dream-like, dystopian feel. This is very much Curtis taking an auteur approach to his documentary — his creative personality is all over it and the effect is enthralling."
» 74
"Are we watching a faux-documentary within an entertainment vehicle? One suspects only Banksy knows. And he's too busy painting to tell us."
» 73
"It's encouraging to see how articulate and unafraid many of the kids in Put This on the Map are in deciding who they want to be, how they want to live, and even what they want to be called: 'Very gay,' 'an ally,' 'dating an FTM,' 'not straight, gay, bi, anything.'"
» 72
by Norman Ball
"How does Tibet's cultural destruction differ, in essence, from Time-Warner's choreographed glamorization of bitches and ho's in inner-city America, or death metal's hold over disenfranchised Midwestern youth?"
» 70
"When Banksy sits in silhouette during his onscreen interviews, we have no proof that it's really him, nor even that Banksy is a real individual."
» 69
"I'm dealing in rock 'n' roll. I'm, like, I'm not a bona fide human being." — Phil Spector
» 68
by Gregory Stephens
"The films analyzed here explore the (crude) question: what are the individual and social consequences of eating shit?"
by Ilan Kapoor
"To twist Gayatri Spivak's famous phrase, it's a case of (mostly) 'white men saving cute dolphins from yellow men.'"
» 64
"Toback, to his credit, and despite the empathy he feels toward his subject, doesn't pull his punches."
» 62
"It is an opportunity to film people and events that could be recalled at any time to affirm, lament, or challenge a moment in time in this troubled region."
» 61
When did you know you were gay? That's the simple premise of Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's engaging Cinemax documentary
Tracking nine couples from wedding to married life when the celebrations end and the problems begin
An endearing, often moving portrait of a group of men for whom hula has been a kind of salvation
Director Daniel Karslake showcases five average, churchgoing American families, all raised on boilerplate "God hates fags" propaganda.
» 59
» 57
"What these Americans have could happen to us. And this is frightening."
"We couldn't figure out how to divide the cat . . ."
» 56
For boomers, "the idea that Mom and Dad are flawed human beings with complicated histories and real feelings can be hard to accept."
"The documentaries that most stood out have a near fictional flair, blurring the border between reality and fable."
» 55
» 54
"Every smallest branch of the human family at one time or another has carved its dreams out of the rock on which it has lived." (Alan Lomax)
» 53
"Glassman uncovers networks of influence and inference, whole microhistories around the camera . . . "
by Jayson Harsin
"The film is a kind of subtle argumentation by analogy, whose success rests on the viewer's desire to identify with Gore."
» 51
"The great legal scholar Lenny Bruce once observed that in the halls of justice the only justice is in the halls."
» 50
» 49
On Dream Girls, The Day I Will Never Forget, Divorce Iranian Style, Shinjuku Boys, Gaea Girls, and Runaway
» 48
"The governments will be forgotten but the masterpieces will remain."
» 47
While the counterculture turns on, Miles plugs in — with startling results
» 46
» 45
Corporations, go to the head of the line; everyone else, wait
by Omar Odeh
Spurlock's no Sherlock
A Cruel and Rebellious Plot to Pervert the Minds of Viewers to Unholy Uses
» 43
A son looks at a father and sees much more in this super doc
» 42
"See it without glasses!"
» 41
Reality cinema celebrates homos of this year and yesteryear
The ills of this wounded Everyman may be beyond healing
Who will judge the judges trembling before sex? The atheists!
» 40
Michael Moore hits the screen with both barrels blasting
» 39
Estela Bravo's documentary offers an affectionate, in-depth portrait of the enduring world leader who stood up to the U.S.
» 37
As usual, reality trumps the alternatives
The legendary campsters of the counterculture take a bow in this diverting documentary
» 34
America's cultural colonizing is scored in a French-Canadian documentary you'll probably never see
This love letter to San Francisco's tranny community is a little too loving
Jello Biafra meet ‘90s D.I.Y. meet Patti Smith meet Rave Kulture meet…
Bergman's cinematographer found more solace on the set than in real life
» 33
A bumper crop of docs scale the heights and trawl the depths of queer culture
Livin' large with the Hung One
Life is shit: Let's put on a show!
The illustrious history of the king of the hepcats (and the queen of deadpan)
From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China offers three documentaries on DVD for the price of one; Genghis Blues is too shaggy for words
» 32
Archival footage, dramatizations, and dark satire capture the dire end-of-century events in the former Yugoslavia
Celebrating activism and exposing some of the more chaotic corners of world politics
The best jazz documentary just got better
» 31
Nonny de la Pena's grimly effective documentary looks at the near-ruination of a family when a father and son are falsely convicted of molesting the son's five-year-old boy
The "moment" is both defined and celebrated in this exceptional documentary
» 30
Post-apartheid South Africa's rituals of admission and absolution
Literal commodity fetishism in the far fringes of New York's S&M scene
» 29
Liberated porn queen or psychological wreck? You be the judge
Julian Temple's engaging documentary about everybody's favorite spitting, puking punk band
Tammy Faye Bakker, bitter rent boys, and South Africa's liberated queens are part of this year's queer reality parade
» 28
Going down in San Francisco's street-kid smack underground
The eminent Swiss documentarian looks at saints and sinners of history — without telling you which are which
» 26
A look at all things Beat
Hitler's hired hand and master filmmaker Riefenstahl is both wonderful and horrible in Ray Muller's 1993 documentary
» 25
If you think Benchley, Woollcott, et al. are wits, you're half right
Gendernauts, military drag queens, communist queers — and, oh yes, John Waters distinguish this year's docs
» 24
Flashing needles and literal crowns of thorn mark the work — and the body — of performance artist Ron Athey
Land rights and body rights clash in this striking docudrama about a woman wronged
The love in this film about the two lost boys of Eurotrash art is mostly self-love
» 23
This beloved film artist was driven as much by self-doubt as by his belief in the power of the "little man"
The early '60s political epic shows that art and agitprop can happily coexist.
This very effective quasi-documentary looks at the mostly miserable lives of a quartet of aging New York singles
» 21
Susan Stern's entertaining documentary takes a jaundiced look at the history and vast influence of the disturbing doll
» 20
Werner Schroeter's film on love, death, and opera
» 19
Queer activism circa 1977 showed a diverse optimistic community moving ever closer to unity — before the body blow of AIDS
» 18
Curator Jenni Olson looks at the history of marginalized groups through one of the most ephemeral cultural forms, the movie trailer. Her latest compilation of coming attractions focuses on blacks in mainstream and low-budget Hollywood films from 1946 to 1976
» 17
A refreshing look at Cuba's gay community
This grimy, exciting artifact from the '60s shows how important beauty contests were to the queens who ruthlessly — and kind of sadly — mimicked their straight counterparts
After seeing this film that features everything from body and mind modifications to cryogenics to the fresh hell of cyberspace, you may want to go eat some dirt
» 16
Carmen Miranda's story is far more complex and heart-wrenching than one would expect
Writer-director Mark Rappaport has devised an ingenious strategy for examining Jean Seberg's life and career. He hired Mary Beth Hurt to play the actress as if she didn't commit suicide in 1979 but lives on — like all actors — through the magic of film, reincarnated as a sort of performance artist, film historian, and cultural commentator.
» 14
A complex, moving portrait of women in whom depression, schizophrenia, and multiple personalities coexist with powerful, sometimes inspired levels of creativity.

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