Bright Lights Film Journal

Michael Blodgett (1940-2007)

Writer/actor Michael Blodgett died yesterday at the age of 67. Best known for playing hunky hedonist Lance Rocke in Russ Meyer’s classic cult film, BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. A true Hollywood “b-list beefcake,” (as he would wryly refer to himself) Blodgett was an iconic presence through the swingin’ 1960’s– appearing in Roger Corman’s THE TRIP and feminist filmmaker Stephanie Rothman’s THE VELVET VAMPIRE in addition to DOLLS. He also co-starred in Blake Edwards’ THE CAREY TREATMENT, was whipped for trying to escape in THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN… and lended his grace and style to TV shows like NIGHT GALLERY and the MUENSTERS. After his beefcake days had waned, Blodgett continued on in Hollywood’s entertainment industry as a novelist and screenwriter, penning the successful shaggy dog movie, TURNER & HOOCH, and the Chuck Norris-slasher vehicle, HERO AND THE TERROR, among others.

He is survived by three daughters, including my close friend, Lucette Blodgett, a student of writing at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. Michael will be greatly missed.