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Kim Masters, Natural-Born Killer

Kim Masters, Slate’s assassin for hire, who clearly does not know the meaning of the words “You’ll never have lunch in this town again,” pisses all over Jerry Seinfeld’s major new pic, Bee Movie. Jerry, it seems, is a “rich, arrogant guy,” while producer Jeffrey Katzenberg tends to get engaged in compulsive suckup to megalomaniac talents like, well, Jerry Seinfeld, and Warren Beatty. When he isn’t blowing unconscionable wads of corporate cash on ego-tripping superstars, Jeff is likely to be found being rude to waiters. And as for NBC, can you say “corporate whore”?, don’t get Kim started. Don’t even get her started.

Kim previously stomped all over George Clooney’s dreams, at least some of them, though I have acknowledged that much of that was my doing. Clearly, I had had one scotch too many. I talked, and talked, and Kim listened, and listened. But am I not, absolutely NOT, the “executive associated with the film,” nor am I the big-mouthed “network insider” Kim quotes in her Bee Movie takedown, nor did I ever pretend to be.