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Just Be Adequite

It is so easy to make fun of people, particularly when they’re younger, richer, more talented, and way prettier than you. So it’s not surprising that a lot of old people are jumping on Lindsay Lohan’s case for this heartfelt if unpolished tribute to the late Robert Altman, as if feelings were not so much more important than a few fucking typos! I could never spell until I was in my thirties, when I had to spell for a living. I bet that when Lindsey’s in her thirties she will be 1) totally gorgeous and 2) totally a good speller.

Oh, and where does lardbutt no talent Will Ferrell get off making fun of Lindsey? Like he’s never been drunk! And, by the way, Will, Talladega Nights was total crap, except for the part where the little kid said “turd,” and that little kid wasn’t you. So, you go, Lindsey! You go, girl!

And, also, just for the record, there will be no hot Britney beaver shots at this website. So if you were hoping for HOT HOT HOT BRITNEY BEAVER SHOTS, well, forget it. That’s off the table entirely. Not going to happen. All Britney photos will be carefully inspected to ensure that she’s wearing panties. I rarely wore underwear before I was thirty. I was a bad spellin’, bad smellin’ hippie, and I loved it!