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Hooray for Bollywood!

If the thought of another summer of summer blockbusters is threatening to bust your block off, maybe it’s time to shift subcontinents. Netflix has hundreds of Indian films available under Foreign Films/Indian (OK, subtract 1 for the Hindi version of Rocky) and dozens of the famous Bollywood musicals under Music & Musicals/Musicals/Foreign Musicals.

But what’s good and what’s not so? The Internet can help. Try these two sites on for size:

Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind: “Greatbong” (I’m guessing, not Hindi) cracks wise on film, censorship, and soccer, not to mention Krrish, Taran Adarsh, and Rakhi Sawant.

Jabberwock: When he isn’t ruminating on world literature, Pacific Rim cricket, and rock and roll, Jai Arjun Singh casts a cold eye on Hollywood and Bollywood alike.