Bright Lights Film Journal

FREE ASIA! Death to the IFC oppressors!

If you ever want your film to be actually seen outside the festival circuit, please don’t let IFC pick up your distribution. Both Catherine Breillat’s Last Mistress and Abel Ferrara’s Go-Go Tales star Asia Argento, got great reviews at the festivals, were picked up by IFC and promptly shelved into oblivion. These films are from 2007, for God’s sake. What are we waiting for here?

Meanwhile, the other Argento films that came out that beautiful year are already on DVD, Boarding Gate and Mother of Tears. And they’re great, and we love them and we love Asia. But IFC meanwhile, you know, they’re “waiting” for… what? For the zeitgeist to be right? Asia’s zeitgeist is NOW, baby! They must be dumber than an Adam Sandler Christmas. I got no loves for those that would cock-block the American people from their cinematic goddesses, or me from Asia in everything she worked so hard to be in!!! Will you not rise with me, will you not stand up with me against IFC and all the other dumbass distributors who pick up great films and then go out of their way to make sure no one ever gets to see them?