Bright Lights Film Journal

Children of Men: a Rant

I still haven’t seen CHILDREN OF MEN and now I remember why: I was so pissed off just at the trailer. I find it irresponsible, frankly, to think that what a doomed world of the future needs is more children. Why are we choking the planet on our own fumes right now? Uh… overpopulation? Humanity is a cancer that spreads malignantly and self-righteously (everyhere except China and ultra-civilized countrys like Sweden and Canada, that is) growing and overpopulating even when it means everyone on this planet is going to die all at once in the future as a result.

I am sure there are people reading this right now feeling a moral outrage at these words… but watching an INCONVENIENT TRUTH on a double feature with COM would probably be more of an eye-opener. What we need to do to avoid a militant facist future is to realize that technology and medicine have drastically overtaken our own ability to deal rationally with matters like life and death. Instead of seeing ourselves as part of the eco-system, of a birth-death cycle of reincarnation, we think of ourselves as being separate, that none of us should HAVE to die… that being born and staying alive and having a car and endless resources to trash is all our inalienable rights. Why for example does the pope insist the people have tons of children when there is not enough food to go around in a family. Somewhere someone is getting a prize from the gray aliens who feed on human suffering, by helping to create as many starving poor mouths, as many unhappy suffering souls on the world as they can. Just TRY to give a woman with four kids all dying of malnutrition a condom so she can not get pregnant YET again, and see how fast a bunch of Christians bury you with blue meanie bibles. But NO, I’m the facist and villain for stating these truths. The answer to our problem is MORE mouths! Mark my words and when they start feeding you Soylent Green for dinner, remember who you have to thank, CHILDREN OF MEN!!!!