» 80
reviewed by Amy Gentry
Lee Marvin: Point Blank, by Dwayne Epstein.
reviewed by Erich Kuersten
» 79
reviewed by Richard Martin
Rape-Revenge Films: A Critical Stud, by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas.
reviewed by Cerise Howard
» 77
A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, by Edited by Brigitte Peucker.
reviewed by Peter Tyson
» 76
reviewed by Alicia Kozma
Béla Balàzs: Early Film Theory – Visible Man and The Spirit of Film , Edited by Erica Carter; Translated by Rodney Livingstone.
reviewed by Anthony Metivier
» 74
Death Wish, by Christopher Sorrentino.
reviewed by Chad Trevitte
» 73
The Celluloid Closet, by Vito Russo.
reviewed by Mark Adnum
They Live, by Jonathan Lethem.
reviewed by
» 72
Swedish Sensationfilms, by Daniel Ekeroth.
reviewed by Erich Kuersten
Back to the Future, by ndrew Shail and Robin Stoate.
reviewed by Leah Anderst
» 71
Humphrey Bogart, by David Thomson.
reviewed by John Carvill
reviewed by Ian Hetherington
Asian Horror, by Andy Richards.
reviewed by Andryn Arithson
» 68
» 62
» 61
Harlan Ellison's Watching, by Harlan Ellison
by Matthew Sorrento
» 38
» 37
Classic Hollywood, Classic Whiteness, ed. by Daniel J. Bernardi
by Julia Leyda
Walking with the Wind, by Abbas Kiarostami
» 34
My Son Divine, by Frances Milstead, with Kevin Heffernan and Steve Yeager
» 32
On Cukor, by Gavin Lambert, edited by Robert Trachtenberg
by Joseph McBride
» 28
» 18

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