From the editor and writers of Bright Lights Film Journal
Action! Interviews with Directors from Classical Hollywood to Contemporary Iran
(Anthem Art and Culture), by Gary Morris (Editor), Bert Cardullo (Introduction), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Foreword). London and New York: Anthem Press, 2009.
"I dare anyone to squeeze between two covers a more varied, useful and flat out entertaining sampling of the personalities that make the seventh art the liveliest."
David Hudson,
Alan Vanneman
Washington, DC, USA
Alan Vanneman is a writer living in Washington, DC. Two of his novels, Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra and Sherlock Holmes and the Hapsburg Tiara, both published by Penzler Press, are available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Sherlock Holmes and the Hapsburg Tiara is available as an audiobook from Blackstone Audiobooks in tape, CD, and MP3 formats, and may also be digitally downloaded to iPods and other personal audio devices. Available from Blackstone/Downpour in cassette, CD, and downloadable versions. Three Bullets, three new Nero Wolfe novellas recreating Rex Stout’s famous fat detective, are available FREE online, via Kindle, and via iPad and related devices, via these links: Webpage version, Kindle version, and iPad/iPhone/Android version. Portions of his article "Alfred Hitchcock: A Hank of Hair and a Piece of Bone," which originally appeared online in Bright Lights, have been included in The Pop Culture Zone, a textbook anthology by Allison Smith, Trixie Smith, and Stacia Watkins. Vanneman's blog, Literature R Us, is located at
» It's Always Fair Weather? I'm Afraid Not: Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse Say Good-bye to Broadway (BLFJ 82 – November 2013)
What's black and white and destroys Western Civilization?
» Looking at Charlie — A King in New York: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 81 – August 2013)
A King Without a Crown
» "We'll Roll in the Hey Nonny Nonny!" Antic Antiques to Keep a Drowsy Emperor Awake, if He's Not Too Sleepy (BLFJ 81 – August 2013)
Some of the films of Noël Coward, some of the films of Ernst Lubitsch, and one of the films of Oscar Wilde
» Heavy TV — Breaking Bad, Girls, and Mad Men (BLFJ 80 – May 2013)
Who needs an Oscar when you can have an Emmy?
» Looking at Charlie — Limelight: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 79 – February 2013)
"I have ideas!" If only that were true!
» Opera Goes Blu, and So Should You: An Amateur's Guide to Mozart's Operas on Blu-ray (BLFJ 79 – February 2013)
"Passions, whether violent or not, must never be expressed to the point of exciting disgust, and as music, even in the most terrible situations, must never offend the ear, but must please the listener, or in other words must never cease to be music… ."
» Straight arrow? Not Exactly: Jennifer Lawrence in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games (BLFJ 78 – November 2012)
Why do lesbians have to be so boring?
» Carl Foreman's and Fred Zinneman's High Noon: Kelly versus Jurado! The Ultimate Face-Off! (BLFJ 78 – November 2012)
O to be torn, 'twixt love and duty
» Fred's on TV! But You Can't See Him, Except on YouTube (BLFJ 78 – November 2012)
Read about what you can't see
» Looking at Charlie – The Year at Keystone, Part 2: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 77 – August 2012)
Charlie, Mabel, and Mack 2
» Nothin' but Legs! Fred and Cyd Go out Kicking in Cole Porter's Silk Stockings (BLFJ 77 – August 2012)
Sorry, folks, but this is the last dance
» Funny Face! Audrey Hepburn's Fabulous Fifties Fashion Frolic! Also Starring Fred Astaire (BLFJ 76 – May 2012)
Paris! Gershwin! Been there! Heard that!
» There's a Holdup in the Bronx, Brooklyn's Broken out in Fights — but Who Gives a Damn? Joe E. Ross and Fred Gwynne, not as funny as I remembered them in Nat Hiken's Car 54, Where Are You? (BLFJ 75 – February 2012)
You can go home again; it's just not a lot of fun when you get there
» You Had Me at "Farrier"! Matt Thompson and Adam Reed Supply Cheap Thrills for the Socially Challenged in Archer (BLFJ 72 – May 2011)
Like a straight, poorly drawn, less fluid Ambiguously Gay Duo
» Yeah, I'm 56 and She's 24. What's Your Point? Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron, frequently though not continuously irresistible in Daddy Long Legs (BLFJ 71 – February 2011)
Come on, do the Sluefoot? That I can resist.
» Jew or No Jew? David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin tell the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook in The Social Network (BLFJ 71 – February 2011)
» Looking at Charlie — Monsieur Verdoux: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 70 – November 2010)
"What's all this about good and evil?"
» A Few Steps Shy of a Masterpiece: Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse Apply Themselves in The Band Wagon (BLFJ 69 – August 2010)
"She came at me in sections . . . she was bad . . . she was dangerous . . . she was my kind of woman."
» Sex and the City: the Way We Were, the Way We Fucked: Carrie and Her Crew Party Like It's 1999! (BLFJ 69 – August 2010)
They can never really knock you off your feet as long as you're wearing Blahniks
» Looking at Charlie: The Great Dictator – an Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 68 – May 2010)
"In the seventeenth chapter of St. Luke it is written, the kingdom of God is within man, not one man or a group of men but in all men."
» Fifty plus Fifty: The Fifty Year Decline and Fall of Hollywood Reconsidered – the Sorrows of Ezra, as Told by Himself (BLFJ 68 – May 2010)
He worked for Time; that can do things to a man
» "Riveting" — Not! (BLFJ 68 – May 2010)
Gerald Peary's For the Love of Movies – The Story of American Film Criticism
» Books: The Moment of Psycho: How Alfred Hitchcock Taught America to Love Murder, (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
by David Thomson
» Books: Chaplin: The Tramp's Odyssey (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
by Simon Louvish
» When Thelonious Met Pannonica: Hannah Rothschild's The Jazz Baroness (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
"The Jazz Baroness goes beyond the barrel of stereotypes the screeching monkeys of society use against the intricate gusts of life swirling about us." Really!
» Fred Astaire, Two Steps Forward and One Step Back: Fred and Vera-Ellen, Not Quite Walking on Air in The Belle of New York (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
Can quantity trump quality? Not so much
» Tina Fey's 30 Rock: At Last! A Cult TV Sitcom for the Tragically Self-Involved (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
You'll come for the irony, you'll stay for the tits
» Old Cameron's Avatar: America's Favorite Asshole Makes Another Kick-ass Thriller (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
Vampires? Yeah, we've got that. Oh, and Michelangelo too
» Looking at Charlie: Modern Times (BLFJ 66 – November 2009)
An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin
"Buck up! Never say die! We'll get along!"
» Astaire Reborn! Jane Powell Gives Fred a Lift in A Royal Wedding (BLFJ 65 – August 2009)
"I hope he knew how much the world loved him."
» Busby Berkeley's Hollywood Hotel: Bring on the dancing girls! Oh, wait! There aren't any! (BLFJ 64 – May 2009)
Thank God for the Benny Goodman Quartet
» Let's Dance? Must We? Fred Astaire Collides with Betty Hutton (BLFJ 64 – May 2009)
» Books: Fred Astaire, (BLFJ 64 – May 2009)
by Joseph Epstein
» Looking at Charlie — City Lights: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 63 – February 2009)
"If you could only see me as I really am, not as I appear but as I really am, as I am in my heart."
» Books: Encyclopedia Shatnerica: An A to Z Guide to the Man and His Universe, (BLFJ 63 – February 2009)
by Robert Schnakenberg
» The Volleyball in the Void: Tom Hanks Is Cast Away (BLFJ 62 – November 2008)
Pascal . . . Kierkegaard . . . Nietzsche . . . Zemeckis?
» Early Jeanne, Early Louis, Early Miles: Louis Malle's Elevator to the Gallows (BLFJ 62 – November 2008)
"Paris at night in black-and-white with Miles on the soundtrack? It's a perfect fit."
» Iron Man Takes the Reigns: Robert Downey, Jr., Lookin' Healthy (BLFJ 61 – August 2008)
Racist and slow-moving, with occasional cool shit
» Who Do You Love? Jean Renoir's Rules of the Game Reconsidered (BLFJ 60 – May 2008)
Was Le Grande Jean too soft on the aristos?
» Looking at Charlie — The Circus: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 60 – May 2008)
Life in the ring
» Looking at Charlie — An Occasional Series on the Art and Life of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 58 – November 2007)
Hats off, dudes! A masterpiece!
» Whose Noir Is It, Anyway? Robert Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly (BLFJ 58 – November 2007)
Mike Hammer deconstructed, or Mike Hammer disrespected?
» Too Gay, or Not Gay Enough? Greg Mottola's Superbad (BLFJ 58 – November 2007)
The urge to merge with a splurge — story of my life
» Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money! J. K. Rowling Just Got Richer (BLFJ 57 – August 2007)
Harry the Fifth comes in third
» Rat's Eye for the Straight Guy: Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille (BLFJ 57 – August 2007)
Eat first, talk later? If only!
» An Infarction to Die For: Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Thirteen (BLFJ 57 – August 2007)
Can a film with George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt be all bad? Yes.
» Ronald Reagan's Shoot from Hell! Cattle Queen of Montana (BLFJ 57 – August 2007)
Up shit creek without a Pichon Longueville '47
» Tight Pants in Paradise: Tom Selleck Is Magnum, P.I. (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
Keats, Shelley, and firm, manly thighs
» Will Ferrell on Ice! Speck & Gordon's Blades of Glory (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
No Betty White, but funny!
» Billy Ray's Breach At Last, a Film as Boring as DC! (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
The evil that men do in a Fairfax County regional park
» Being John, Seeing Stanley: John Malkovich in Brian Cook's Colour Me Kubrick: A True... ish Story (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
"Plot keywords: drugs, glamour, party, rent boy, sex, bisexual, celebrity, con artist, male model"
» In Like Clint! Letters from Iwo Jima Is Excellent (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
With one, yeah, pretty major caveat
» Isn't It Romantic? Hugh and Drew in Marc Lawrence's Music and Lyrics (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
The King of the Backseat Blowjob gets mildly post-ironist on your ass
» Still the Same Old Story? Definitely. (BLFJ 55 – February 2007)
Ed Zwick's Blood Diamond
» You Only Live Twice? Martin Campbell's Casino Royale: Bond Rebottled (BLFJ 55 – February 2007)
Forget the book, just see the movie
» Dude, Where's My Suicide Pill? Alfonso Cuarón's The Children of Men (BLFJ 55 – February 2007)
One virgin birth too many
» Robert De Niro at Yale Again! The Good Shepherd: Poor Little Lamb! (BLFJ 55 – February 2007)
Hey! How did we win the Cold War, anyway?
» One Small Step for a Penguin: George Miller's Happy Feet (BLFJ 55 – February 2007)
Getting down way down under
» Looking at Charlie: The Idle Class, Pay Day, The Pilgrim, and A Woman of Paris: An Occasional Series on the Art and Life of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 55 – February 2007)
"Now, Goliath was a big man."
» The Ant Bully: 3-D to the IMAX (BLFJ 54 – November 2006)
When ants got big, and kids got small
» From Aaron Spelling's Vault of Horror: Charlie's Angels on DVD! (BLFJ 54 – November 2006)
"I expect to be erect any time now."
» The Departed: Crime All the Time (BLFJ 54 – November 2006)
Scorsese gets all Irish on our asses, and it works
» Doug McGrath's Infamous: The Best Truman Capote Movie I've Seen All Year! (BLFJ 54 – November 2006)
If you must see only one Truman Capote movie in your life, let it be this one
» No Tobacco Juice, but Funny! Monster House, Rockin' in 3-D! (BLFJ 54 – November 2006)
Bob Zemeckis and Stephen Spielberg want your money. Give it to them.
» Looking at Charlie — First National, Shoulder Arms, and The Kid: An Occasional Series on the Art and Life of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 53 – August 2006)
"LOST CHILD WANTED — Last seen with a little man with large flat feet and a small moustache"
» Jesus, Mary, and Sophie! Tom Hanks Faces Torture by Elevator in Ron Howard's Da Vinci Code (BLFJ 53 – August 2006)
So middle of the road you can't see the fucking curb
» The Muscles from Bois de Bologne: David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli Kick Gallic Butt in Pierre Morel's District B-13 (BLFJ 53 – August 2006)
Do not be alarmed, monsieur. We come from France. We are here to eat your sausages.
» The Devil Wears Product: Anne Hathaway Almost Loses Her Cherry to the Big Apple in The Devil Wears Prada (BLFJ 53 – August 2006)
"You're making fashion history" — not!
» Forbidden Fruit? Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III (BLFJ 53 – August 2006)
Is it a sin to see this film?
» Finding the Funny, One Dick Joke at a Time: Comedy Central's Pam Anderson Roast on DVD (BLFJ 53 – August 2006)
Enough engorged vagina jokes to feed a family of four for an entire year!
» The Don Goes Digital: Don Giovanni — Mozart's Dramma Giocosa for the Ages (BLFJ 53 – August 2006)
Jürgen Flimm and Brian Large supply a stage production that lives on DVD
» When Fred Met Red: Fred Astaire, Red Skelton, and Vera-Ellen Commingle in Three Little Words (BLFJ 52 – May 2006)
It's Bert and Harry, together again! Why are you not excited?
» When Portentous Met Pretentious: Rian Johnson's Brick (BLFJ 52 – May 2006)
"I've got all five senses and eight hours' sleep! Don't fuck with me!"
» How Slick Is Too Slick?: Jason Reitman's Thank You for Smoking (BLFJ 52 – May 2006)
A movie only a preppie could love
» Drive S/He Said: Felicity Huffman in Duncan Tucker's Transamerica (BLFJ 52 – May 2006)
The odd couple takes it on the road
» Nine Hamlets: Olivier, Burton, Jacobi, Kline, Gibson, Branagh, Scott, Hawke,
and Lester All Take a Stab at the Original Man in Black
(BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
"Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes
of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar?"
» Toto, I Don't Think We're in the Grand Tetons Anymore: Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain (BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
Queens in Jeans?
» Grandma's Boy: No, Not That One (BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
Linda Cardellini dies and goes to Hell
» Looking for Angst in All the Wrong Places: Sam Mendes's Jarhead: Marines Gone Wild! (BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
A few really cute boys take their shirts off, but that's about it
» Anthropomorphizing the Anthropoid: Peter Jackson's King Kong (BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
Even a big ape can enjoy a sunset, can't he?
» Tentacles No Knives Can Cut: Noah Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale (BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
All in the family, unfortunately
» "Step Right Up and Call Me Speedy!" Harold Lloyd — Almost All Isn't Enough (BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
The last of the great silent clowns now on DVD
» The Barkleys of Broadway: Fred & Ginger's Last Dance: Ten Pounds Shy of a Gem? (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
"You'd be hard to replace"? Damn near impossible!
» Bennett Miller's Capote: Flatter Than Kansas, and Almost as Boring (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
Life is earnest, sure, but why does art have to be?
» Tony Scott's Domino: Too Dumb to Write About? Not Entirely! (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
Strong violence, pervasive language, sexual content/nudity, and drug use
» Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Clooney Defeats McCarthy! (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
Rosemary's nephew clocks dairy state demagogue in Good Night, and Good Luck
» In a Galaxy Far, Far Away — But Not Far Enough: Joss Whedon's Serenity: Like TV, but Without All the Intelligence (BLFJ 50
– November 2005)
Sayin' ain't doin', motherfucker!
» Mr. Monk's Moods: Tony Shalhoub Returns as the Prince of the Obsessive-Compulsives in Season Three of Monk on DVD (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
Funny, yes, but where are all the queers?
» Looking at Charlie — the Mutuals: An Occasional Series on the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin (BLFJ 49 – August 2005)
"Love backed by force, forgiveness sweet,
brings hope and peace to Easy Street"
» Batman Begins: Now with 50% fewer nipples! (BLFJ 49 – August 2005)
It's one step forward, two steps backward as our long national aureoline nightmare refuses to end
» War of the Worlds: You Win Some, You Lose Some (BLFJ 49 – August 2005)
Steven Spielberg meets Tom Cruise (again), and things get boring (again)
» In Your Easter Bonnet, with All the Frills Upon It: Irving Berlin's Easter Parade (BLFJ 48 – May 2005)
Fred and Judy celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ
» The Good, the Bad, and the Disingenuous: Jazz on DVD (BLFJ 48 – May 2005)
You get what you pay for, if you're lucky
» Got Trouble? Wire Paladin! The Western for Existentialists (BLFJ 48 – May 2005)
Richard Boone slaps leather in the classic fifties oater, Have Gun, Will Travel
» The Aviator: Marty and Leo Do Howard (BLFJ 47 – February 2005)
It all started when his mother washed his balls
» No Cellos, Please, I'm American: Mike Nichols' Closer Is Haute Merde (BLFJ 47 – February 2005)
All glitz and no guts
» Sideways: Sideways to Hell, Maybe (BLFJ 47 – February 2005)
Alexander Payne's new indie is headed in the wrong direction
» "If I were different, maybe things could be the same, only different." Leo McCarey's Screwball Classic The Awful Truth on DVD (BLFJ 46 – November 2004)
Cary Grant and Irene Dunne live our dreams
» Blue Skies? Well, Partly Sunny (BLFJ 46 – November 2004)
Fred 'n' Bing 'n' Irv, Part II
» The Pearls of Pauline (Kael, That Is) (BLFJ 46 – November 2004)
The little film critic who could — sort of
» Odessa, Texas Goes Hollywood: Friday Night Lights I (BLFJ 46 – November 2004)
Are you ready for some rural idiocy?
» Looking at Charlie: Keystone and Essanay Days (BLFJ 45 – August 2004)
The first in an occasional series of articles on the life and work of Charlie Chaplin
» Oh, the, You Know, Humanity (BLFJ 45 – August 2004)
Freaks and Geeks is on DVD. Why?
» Harry Potter and the Valley of the Mysterious Female (BLFJ 45 – August 2004)
When Harry got laid
» Tina Fey's Mean Girls: Welcome to the Chest Club (BLFJ 45 – August 2004)
Freaks and Geeks redux
» Steal This Picture ... Please! (BLFJ 45 – August 2004)
Fred almost suffocates in Minnelli's Yolanda and the Thief
» Follies Is Right! (BLFJ 44 – May 2004)
Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly barely survive Ziegfeld Follies
» The Doctors Are In! (BLFJ 44 – May 2004)
Jekyll and Hyde three times on DVD
» Fred Meets Joan Leslie and The Sky's the Limit (BLFJ 43 – February 2004)
"Never let it be said little Freddie can't carry his load"
» Bonnie and Clyde: Together Again (BLFJ 43 – February 2004)
Warren Beatty's seminal sixties shoot-em-up revisited
» Roses Without Thorns, Gains Without Pains, Love Without Tears: Mona Lisa Smile (BLFJ 43 – February 2004)
Doctor Julia explains it all
» Alfred Hitchcock: A Hank of Hair and a Piece of Bone (BLFJ 42 – November 2003)
A photo study of the Master's fetishes — uh, motifs
» Shakespeare Improved! Cole Porter Teaches the Old Bard New Tricks in Kiss Me Kate (BLFJ 42 – November 2003)
"Why, you'd make a perfect shrew!"
» Fred and Rita Go Latin in You Were Never Lovelier (BLFJ 42 – November 2003)
Chiu chiu to you, baby
» O Captain! My Captain! (BLFJ 42 – November 2003)
Master and Commander wants to raise your mast
» Too Much Bing, Not Enough Fred (BLFJ 41 – August 2003)
There's not much room at the Holiday Inn
» Steven Spielberg: A Jew in America (BLFJ 41 – August 2003)
Deconstructing Catch Me If You Can
» What's Rita in the Hay Worth? (BLFJ 40 – May 2003)
Fred Finds Out in You'll Never Get Rich
» Desperately Seeking Ginger (BLFJ 40 – May 2003)
Hollywood Rhythms, Vol. 2 on DVD offers relief for the Rogers-deprived
» Bad Film, Great Soundtrack: New Orleans on DVD (BLFJ 40 – May 2003)
How Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday saved New Orleans from the Yankees
» The Sound of Jazz, The Sound of Gene (BLFJ 40 – May 2003)
New DVDs offer rare TV appearances by jazz greats Billie Holiday, Gene Krupa, Coleman Hawkins, and Benny Goodman. But where's Thelonious?
» Fred Astaire Meets Artie Shaw in Second Chorus (BLFJ 39 – February 2003)
New DVD also includes Ezio Pinza, Lena Horne, and Duke Ellington
» Chicago: Hollywood Does Bollywood (BLFJ 39 – February 2003)
No one can steal like America can steal
» Weill & Brecht: The Rise and Fall of Mahagonny on DVD (BLFJ 39 – February 2003)
Show us the way to the next pretty boy
» Fred Goes Over the Top with Eleanor Powell in Broadway Melody of 1940 (BLFJ 38 – November 2002)
The semi-sweet smell of excess
» Fredric March and Carole Lombard Find Nothing Sacred in the Big Apple (BLFJ 38 – November 2002)
"There she is, in all her beads and ribbons!"
» "Why Are They All Ugly Little Men?" (BLFJ 37 – August 2002)
Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, and Langdon: the great silent clowns reformatted
» Fred & Ginger Fade to Black in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (BLFJ 37 – August 2002)
Fred dies, Ginger cries
» Spider-Man: There's No "There" There (BLFJ 37 – August 2002)
Why Tobey Maguire has us by the testicles and why he isn't going to let go
» 1966 CBS Version of Death of a Salesman Now on DVD (BLFJ 37 – August 2002)
Sure Arthur Miller's masterpiece is flawed, but so's your mother
» Looking Back at the Fabulous Invalid (BLFJ 37 – August 2002)
TV Broadcasts of June Moon, Awake and Sing!, The Human Voice, and The Journey of the Fifth Horse on DVD
» Fred & Ginger, Together Again, yet Not Quite Carefree (BLFJ 36 – April 2002)
"Colorblind," and maybe just a little bit tone-deaf
» Gosford Park: Not Renoir, but Not Bad (BLFJ 36 – April 2002)
Robert Altman gets all warm and fuzzy on your ass
» Todd Field's In the Bedroom: Wake Me When It’s Over! (BLFJ 36 – April 2002)
More boring than real life, plus you have to pay to get in
» Fred Astaire Goes Solo in Damsel in Distress (BLFJ 35 – January 2002)
Nice work if you can get it
» Bardot on DVD Offers Vintage Titillation (BLFJ 35 – January 2002)
"See that girl? Her ass is a song."
» Queer for the Rings (BLFJ 35 – January 2002)
Pretty boys in danger: How yummy!
» Fred and Ginger Miss a Step in Shall We Dance (BLFJ 34 – October 2001)
"Let’s call the whole thing off?"
» Dixiana on DVD Has Everything but Bill Robinson’s Feet (BLFJ 34 – October 2001)
Where’s the rest of him?
» We’ll Always Have Paris, Now That Rene Clair’s Le Million Is on DVD (BLFJ 34 – October 2001)
Not many extras but lots of fun
» Mozart’s The Magic Flute on DVD (BLFJ 34 – October 2001)
Ingmar Bergman does it again!
» Fred and Ginger Savor La Belle Romance in Swing Time (BLFJ 33 – July 2001)
"Shall we take it straight through?"
» Feedback from the Global Village (BLFJ 33 – July 2001)
From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China offers three documentaries on DVD for the price of one; Genghis Blues is too shaggy for words
» Brad and Julia go south in The Mexican (BLFJ 33 – July 2001)
Julia Roberts has pits!
» Stephen Sondheim’s Company on DVD (BLFJ 33 – July 2001)
Life is shit: Let's put on a show!
» Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back on DVD (BLFJ 33 – July 2001)
The dude with the ’tude
» Manhattan to America: Drop Dead! (BLFJ 32 – April 2001)
The New Yorker takes a slap at Julia Roberts
» Too Haute to Handle: Jazz on a Summer’s Day on DVD (BLFJ 32 – April 2001)
The best jazz documentary just got better
» Fred & Ginger Get Their Feet Wet in Follow the Fleet (BLFJ 32 – April 2001)
"There may be trouble ahead"
» The Fabulous Baker Boys (BLFJ 31 – January 2001)
Why there are no people like show people
» Fred & Ginger Hit Their Highest Peak in Top Hat (BLFJ 31 – January 2001)
What's black and white and simply reeks with class?
» Irving Berlin on Film (BLFJ 30 – October 2000)
Forget Barry Manilow — this is the guy who really wrote the songs
» Erin Brockovich (BLFJ 29 – July 2000)
Easy on the eyes, brutal on the brain
» American Psycho (BLFJ 29 – July 2000)
American Psycho, stay away from me!
» Roberta (BLFJ 29 – July 2000)
One of the least known, and one of the very best, of the films that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers did together
» Psycho (BLFJ 28 – April 2000)
Hitchcock's seminal Oedipal nightmare revisited
» The Gay Divorcee (BLFJ 28 – April 2000)
Fred and Ginger get continental on your ass
» Fight Club (BLFJ 28 – April 2000)
This just in: men are stupid
» Back Lot: Growing Up With the Movies (BLFJ 28 – April 2000)
Maurice Rapf's memoir reviewed
» American Beauty (BLFJ 26 – November 1999)
Why it sucks and why the critics love it
» Murder at the Vanities (BLFJ 26 – November 1999)
This 1934 musical mystery has girls, grins, guns, and Duke Ellington, too
» Flying Down to Rio (BLFJ 26 – November 1999)
The film that put Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers together on a dance floor
» The King of Jazz (BLFJ 26 – November 1999)
Hot licks and high kicks in a rare early musical
» Robert Benchley and the Knights of the Algonquin (BLFJ 25 – August 1999)
If you think Benchley, Woollcott, et al. are wits, you're half right
» The Jackson Twins: What Next for Michael and Janet? (BLFJ 25 – August 1999)
Self-invention and self-love: Can you tell the difference?
» Pillow Talk (BLFJ 24 – April 1999)
Are Rock and Doris Hollywood's strangest romantic team? How about Rock and Tony Randall?
» Words and Music (BLFJ 23 – December 1998)
How can an MGM musical with Judy Garland, a young Perry Como, and a pre-Depends™ June Allyson be obscure?
» Whoopee (BLFJ 21 – May 1998)
A chunk of Flo Ziegfeld's Roaring Twenties Broadway, preserved in glorious, 1930 two-color Technicolor

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