From the editor and writers of Bright Lights Film Journal
Action! Interviews with Directors from Classical Hollywood to Contemporary Iran
(Anthem Art and Culture), by Gary Morris (Editor), Bert Cardullo (Introduction), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Foreword). London and New York: Anthem Press, 2009.
"I dare anyone to squeeze between two covers a more varied, useful and flat out entertaining sampling of the personalities that make the seventh art the liveliest."
David Hudson,
D.J.M. Saunders
Cardiff, Wales, UK
D. J. M. Saunders paints nudes and abstracts and writes "strange, awkward" poetry. Under the pseudonym Genji he recently illustrated language-starter storybooks for ESL students.
» Hope and History: Beyond Violence (BLFJ 82 – November 2013)
By means of horror?
» No Gloomy Ones: Double Suicide? (BLFJ 81 – August 2013)
Or transcendent love?
» Don't Swoon: Howl when you're far from home. Weep at Nature's wonders. (BLFJ 80 – May 2013)
But, dearest sister, never ever swoon.
» God Bless Us Everyone: Including Bankers and Businessmen (BLFJ 79 - February 2013)
They might be learning to be human, too
» Gentlemen Prefer Bland Homogeneity: Unless They Have to Pitch in with the Others (BLFJ 78 - November 2012)
Then goodness knows what will happen
» Meet the Macbeths: Again and Again and Again (BLFJ 77 - August 2012)
Almost as though we're addicted or something
» Lovers and Killers? Only on This Island (BLFJ 76 - May 2012)
Which is why you and I must escape
» The Connectitrons Are Coming! But Wait a Minute (BLFJ 75 - February 2012)
Weren't they here all along?
» Young Ones and Swan Songs: Luis Bunuel in Mexico, Bela Tarr in Edinburgh (BLFJ 73 - August 2011)
"Attempts to create interesting projects of any sort despite our limitations can sometimes touch us more deeply than slick illusions that – literally by design – hide a lot of skill and effort, yet, in so doing, also hide something of the crazy courage it takes just to be human."
» Helping Humanity: We All Get Stressed Out (BLFJ 72 - May 2011)
But have you stopped behaving strangely?
» A Funny Valentine to Crime: Where Jim Fits a Bill or Two (BLFJ 71 - February 2011)
And Claude Rains.
» That's My Girl! Well, actually, she's not. (BLFJ 70 - November 2010)
But we love each other anyway
» Black and White Orpheus: An Audio Visual Species (BLFJ 69 - August 2010)
That still finds musicians easier to rob
» Ossessione: Shabby Little Shocker? (BLFJ 68 - May 2010)
Or Advanced Guide to Cinematic Survival?
» Jean Renoir's Toni: Unreal and True (BLFJ 67 - February 2010)
And staying forever young
» On the Escarpment, Off the Escarpment: It Helps When the Love Is Strong (BLFJ 66 - November 2009)
Especially when the lovers aren't
» Art Thou Troubled? Musicals May Calm Thee (BLFJ 65 - August 2009)
But don't forget DVD opera
» The Complete A of Altruism: In Which the Selfish Gene Explains Everything (BLFJ 64 - May 2009)
Except whether to laugh or cry
» Hotels and Homelands: After Ken and Rosa (BLFJ 63 - February 2009)
Neither will be the same
» Lost Watches and Lost Souls: From New Jersey to Old Istanbul (BLFJ 62 - November 2008)
Fresh Starts Don't Come Easy
» The Misery Business: In Which Your Agent Will Be Lauren Bacall (BLFJ 61 - August 2008)
And your ankles will still be broken
» What's Your Function? How Movies Are Made (BLFJ 60 - May 2008)
You mean you've tried panicking?
» Only the Pictures: We're All Editing, Ed (BLFJ 59 - February 2008)
But about this audit
» Oh What a Lovely Jail: Crime Is Old, Crime Is New (BLFJ 58 - November 2007)
Just Like Those Mind-Forged Manacles Blues
» Amazing Scenes: Pretending to Be Normal (BLFJ 57 - August 2007)
Pause. N-o-o-o-o-t!

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