From the editor and writers of Bright Lights Film Journal
Action! Interviews with Directors from Classical Hollywood to Contemporary Iran
(Anthem Art and Culture), by Gary Morris (Editor), Bert Cardullo (Introduction), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Foreword). London and New York: Anthem Press, 2009.
"I dare anyone to squeeze between two covers a more varied, useful and flat out entertaining sampling of the personalities that make the seventh art the liveliest."
David Hudson,
Erich Kuersten
Erich Kuersten
New York, NY, USA
Eric Kuersten lives in New York City and is the student advisor to the writing major at Pratt Institute. His writing credits include Scarlet Street, Midnight Marquee,, The Acidemic Film Journal, and Muze.
» Books: Lee Marvin: Point Blank (BLFJ 80 – May 2013)
by Dwayne Epstein
» Books: Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento (BLFJ 78 – November 2012)
by Maitland McDonagh
» Books: The Age of Movies: Selected Writings of Pauline Kael, (BLFJ 74 – November 2011)
edited by Sanford Schwartz
» Books: Swedish Sensationsfilms (BLFJ 72 – May 2011)
by Daniel Ekeroth
» Ten from 2010: Erich Kuersten (BLFJ 71 – February 2011)
#7: "A story starring a child is allowed to be bloodcurdlingly violent without softening it with hand-holding guilt or apathetic abstraction."
» The Last American Ruffalo: Lisa Cholodenko's Lesbian "Homespun" Family Values (BLFJ 71 – February 2011)
"In order to rectify her own misery with judgmental, shrewish wino Annette, Julianne Moore has to suffer the shame of being caught cheating, the way Dick Cheney had to suffer the blame for all the waterboarding we needed to squash terrorism."
» Dads of Great Adventure: A Guide to Cinema's Post-Apocalyptic Hyper-Parent (BLFJ 71 – February 2011)
Those people had names! Families!
» The New Lurid: Cinema's Rape Disavowal Fantasy (BLFJ 69 – August 2010)
"They rapin" everybody out here."
» Bigger Than Life: Nicholas Ray in the Life of the Gray Flannel Darkness (BLFJ 68 – May 2010)
"Art, entertainment, and genuine fear and tragedy rarely all filter down into a deceptively 'normal American family film' with such quiet desperation."
» Someone to Fight Over Me: Feminism, S&M, and the Daemonic in Twilight (BLFJ 68 – May 2010)
"The pain is my only reminder that he [Edward] was real." — Bella (Kristen Stewart)
» In Praise of Dangerous Men: Patton (1970) (BLFJ 68 – May 2010)
"The very idea of losing is hateful to Americans."
» Books: Femme Fatale: Cinema's Most Unforgettable Lethal Ladies (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
By Dominique Manon and James Ursin
» Towards a New Cinema of Castration: I Spit on Your Grave and Only Angels Have Wings (BLFJ 67 – February 2010)
"Peer pressure is either a boon or a bitch with the power to destroy the world, or save it."
» All Tomorrow's Playground Narratives: Stanley Kubrick's Lolita (BLFJ 65 – August 2009)
"Kubrick's 1961 film is really the first 1970s movie."
» Loucheness Unchecked! Universal's Pre-Code Hollywood Collection (BLFJ 65 – August 2009)
"I'm through!"
» Desperation and Divinity: "Help us, Mae!" (BLFJ 64 – May 2009)
Hazy thoughts on the transition from real sex to digital hallucinations
» Wild Boys and Midnight Maries: Social Realism and Pre-Code in Forbidden Hollywood (Vol. 3) (BLFJ 64 – May 2009)
"We can't help but roll our eyes at a woman who would rather wear holes in her shoes looking for a 'good honest job' than roll around in money and mink."
» Books: You'll Like this Film Because You're in It: The Be Kind Rewind Protocol, (BLFJ 64 – May 2009)
by Michel Gondry
» Reflections Through a Golden Nigh: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (BLFJ 63 – February 2009)
"Like Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam, or the Scott brothers Ridley and Tony, Fincher is an auteur-facile, an auteur of illusory depth."
» Dizzy from the Altitude, Happy to Plummet: Pre-Code Cinema and the Post-Code-Shock Syndrome (BLFJ 63 – February 2009)
"With so much underhanded conventionalizing, it's easy to forget that once upon a time these social mores were being challenged and disputed, not by our parents but by our grandparents . . ."
» Boooks: Masculine Singular: French New Wave Cinema, (BLFJ 63 – February 2009)
by Geneviève Sellier.
» An Argento Family Reunion Special: Crying over the Spilled Mother of Tears (BLFJ 62 – November 2008)
» Boooks: The Impossible David Lynch, (BLFJ 62 – November 2008)
by Todd McGowan
» Blood, Sweat, and Canvas: How Barton Fink Can Set You Free (BLFJ 61 – August 2008)
"All the world's a hell ten feet square"
» What's Your Edition Number? The Replicanting of Blade Runner: Final Cut (BLFJ 61 – August 2008)
"There's a whole postmodern hall of mirrors you can wander through with the idea of a digitally re-colored 'final cut' of a 10-year-old 'director's cut' of a 26-year-old movie."
» The Foxy, the Dead, and the Foxier: Re-Visiting Death Proof (BLFJ 59 – February 2008)
"He's old enough to be my dad!"
» Naomi Watts: Cinema's Postmodern Mother of Mirrors (BLFJ 59 – February 2008)
"We're home free in the new mediated womb of the Naomi persona — which is to say, trapped, by our own desire."
» Fear of Fishing: Closets and Product Placement in Hawks' Man's Favorite Sport? (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
"The sorrows of narrative immersion are the joys of Brechtian postmodernism..."
» Aural Drag: This Is What It Sounds Like, When Men Cry (BLFJ 52 – May 2006)
» An Unsawed Woman: Re-exhuming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake on DVD (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
How Jessica Biel's Moral Hotness Tamed the West
» "What It Takes to Make a Softie": Breaking Noir Tradition in The Leopard Man (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
"Lewton's deep faith in humanity quietly waits for the smoke to settle so it can step in and start patching up the wounds."

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