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Action! Interviews with Directors from Classical Hollywood to Contemporary Iran
(Anthem Art and Culture), by Gary Morris (Editor), Bert Cardullo (Introduction), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Foreword). London and New York: Anthem Press, 2009.
"I dare anyone to squeeze between two covers a more varied, useful and flat out entertaining sampling of the personalities that make the seventh art the liveliest."
David Hudson,
Robert Keser
Chicago, IL, USA
Robert Keser is Senior Lecturer in Cinema Studies at the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts in Aqaba, Jordan. He is associate editor of Bright Lights Film Journal, and has written for the Pesaro Film Festival (Italy), the Jeonju Film Festival (South Korea), the Las Palmas International Film Festival (Spain), and the Melbourne Cinémathèque (Australia). He wrote thirty-two entries in Defining Moments in Movies, edited by Chris Fujiwara, and more of his film writing can be found at Senses of Cinema, Slant magazine and other publications linked at his website.
» Waving the Algerian Flag: The 50th Anniversary Algerian Sidebar at the 2012 Abu Dhabi Film Festival (BLFJ 78 – November 2012)
"Probably the only film that dwarfs the spectacle of David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Chronicle also challenges that British hero's often chilly pathology with its own surge of powerfully accruing life-and-death incidents in the survival struggles of farmer Ahmed."
» Cinema, Virginity, and Swans: The Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2010 (BLFJ 70 – November 2010)
"For a brief week or two, adventurous filmgoers can capture elusive truths found in works of complexity, moral ambiguity, and seriousness of purpose, all uncensored."
» Tickets to the Dark Side: The 43rd Chicago International Film Festival (BLFJ 59 – February 2008)
"We will see whose heart is sharpest!"
» Colleen Moore Comes Back: On the Rediscovered, Restored 1927 Rarity Her Wild Oat (BLFJ 58 – November 2007)
"Go sit on a flagpole!"
» The Passion of the Auteurist: On Man of Cinema: Pierre Rissient (BLFJ 58 – November 2007)
"It's not enough to like this movie"
» Secrets of the European Union: Chicago's Tenth Annual EU Film Festival (BLFJ 56 – May 2007)
They saw what you did!
» Chicago, je t'aime: The 42nd Chicago International Film Festival (BLFJ 54 – November 2006)
"There are things you shouldn't sell"
» Hands Across the Atlantic: The 9th Annual European Union Film Festival (BLFJ 52 – May 2006)
A Baltic-to-Balkan road trip
» The Misery and Splendors of Cinema: Moments Choisis des Histoire(s) du Cinéma (BLFJ 52 – May 2006)
"Godard 24 times per second"
» Inside the Dreamboat Factory: The Fairy Godfather of Hollywood (BLFJ 51 – February 2006)
"He won't be gay when I get through with him!"
» I Am a Film Addict: The 41st Chicago International Film Festival (BLFJ 50 – November 2005)
What the devil did they show?
» Ready to Rumba? Dance Fever Doc Mad Hot Ballroom Busts a Groove (BLFJ 49 – August 2005)
The kids are all right
» The Cross and the Ukelele: Seijun Suzuki's Princess Raccoon (BLFJ 49 – August 2005)
Suzuki blows morning glories
» Bikini Bottom Babylon: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (BLFJ 49 – August 2005)
He's fun-damental, not fundamentalist!
» Pucker Up: The Enchantments of Resnais' Not on the Lips (BLFJ 48 – May 2005)
The world's first Spherist masterpiece?
» In the Realm of the Real: The 3rd Chicago International Documentary Film Festival (BLFJ 48 – May 2005)
"The governments will be forgotten but the masterpieces will remain."
» O Bruder, Where Art Thou? The 8th European Union Film Festival (Chicago) (BLFJ 48 – )
Doing the Continental
» Theda Bara's Eyes: The 40th Chicago International Film Festival, Part 2 (BLFJ 47 – February 2005)
Angelopoulos to Zhu: "This is an artistic film. You wouldn't like it."
» Pride of the Nazis: La Habañera, Titanic, and Münchhausen on DVD (BLFJ 46 – November 2004)
Grand Teutons
» Theda Bara's Eyes: The 40th Chicago International Film Festival, Part 1 (BLFJ 46 – November 2004)
From Akerman to Zhu
» Going Mental: The Travesties of Tarnation (BLFJ 46 – November 2004)
"He'd fuck himself if he could"
» Distribute This! The Woman Men Yearn For (Germany, 1929) (BLFJ 44 – May 2004)
Lust in translation
» Distribute This! Francisco Athie's Vera (BLFJ 43 – February 2004)
Bad day at Bedrock
» Together Again in the Dark: The 2003 Chicago International Film Festival (BLFJ 42 – November 2003)
The crowd has a thousand eyes
» Cinerama Adventure (BLFJ 42 – November 2003)
"See it without glasses!"
» Up/Down with Retro (BLFJ 41 – August 2003)
Three Recent Hits Retrofit the Sixties
» Dancing with Werewolves (BLFJ 41 – August 2003)
John Sayles in Roger Corman's Hollywood
» The Bowery: Raoul Walsh's Gangs of New York (BLFJ 39 – February 2003)
They spit! They swear! They smoke in bed!
» 38th Chicago International Film Festival (2002) (BLFJ 38 – November 2002)
"The scandals of 2002" 35
» 37th Chicago International Film Festival (2001) (BLFJ 35 – January 2002)
"It's so twenty-first century!"
» Behind the Brocade: Abel Gance's Lucrezia Borgia on DVD (BLFJ 33 – July 2001)
The Borgias are having an orgy

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