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Action! Interviews with Directors from Classical Hollywood to Contemporary Iran
(Anthem Art and Culture), by Gary Morris (Editor), Bert Cardullo (Introduction), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Foreword). London and New York: Anthem Press, 2009.
"I dare anyone to squeeze between two covers a more varied, useful and flat out entertaining sampling of the personalities that make the seventh art the liveliest."
David Hudson,
Norman Ball

Norman Ball is a Scottish-born writer, musician, and entrepreneur who lives in the Washington, D.C. area. A Push Prize nominee and an associate editor for The Potomac: A Journal of Poetry and Politics, his writing appears regularly in eScene's Best of the Literary Journal series. In 2006, Identity Theory gave his essay "Big Government and the Big Easy" the Social Justice of the Year award. His poetry and essays have appeared in many national publications including Prairie Home Companion, Liberty, Berkeley Poetry Review, Light Quarterly, and Raintown Review. His most recent book is How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?
» "Where Are We Now?": A Still Life in Moving Frame (BLFJ 79 – February 2013)
"I wish I was beside her but I'm not there, I'm gone" — from I'm Not There, Bob Dylan
» The Power of Auteurs and the Last Man Standing: Adam Curtis' Documentary Nightmares (BLFJ 78 – November 2012)
"The whole effect is a Rand-esque, dream-like, dystopian feel. This is very much Curtis taking an auteur approach to his documentary — his creative personality is all over it and the effect is enthralling."
» Fourth Moments in the Atacama Desert: On Patricio Guzmán's Nostalgia for the Light (BLFJ 78 – November 2012)
"To be sure, only a redeemed mankind receives the fullness of its past – which is to say, only for a redeemed mankind has its past become citable in all its moments. Each moment it has lived becomes a citation a l'ordre du jour – and that day is Judgment Day."
» Exit Through the Gift Shop: Cavemen to the Right (BLFJ 74 – November 2011)
"Are we watching a faux-documentary within an entertainment vehicle? One suspects only Banksy knows. And he's too busy painting to tell us."
» Who Took the Folk Out of Music? Everybody, It Seems (BLFJ 72 – May 2011)
"How does Tibet's cultural destruction differ, in essence, from Time-Warner's choreographed glamorization of bitches and ho's in inner-city America, or death metal's hold over disenfranchised Midwestern youth?"
» Metropolis, Ezra Pound, Mammon And the Law of Too-Large Numbers (BLFJ 62 – November 2008)
"The old world is dying away, and the new world struggles to come forth: now is the time of monsters." ~ Antonio Gramsci

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