Bright Lights Film Journal

A Hell Ten Feet Square for our friend, Harry Angel.

My identification with and love for THE WRESTLER has been growing in the day since I saw it, and then I remembered I wrote a whole piece in Bright Lights Film Journal about BARTON FINK and the use of wrestling as universal metaphor: Blood, Sweat and Canvas a couple issues ago.

“The titles of the wrestling pictures cited by Lou and Lipnik are keys in themselves: “Hell Ten Feet Square” and “Blood, Sweat & Canvas.” In each title may be excavated great wealth of meaning vis-à-vis the common man so tirelessly championed by Barton. Barton condemns as blasphemy all roads less traveled to his socialist utopian ideals; he is a fundamentalist of art. The celestial guru Mr. Lipnik, on the other hand, knows that genres may start from different places, but all arrive at the same destination . . . that universal truth that all of us recognize . . . with a little sex in it.”

Read my WRESTLER review proper over on Acidemic, to the EXTREME! It probably touches on some of the same recurring obsessions of mine, but they’re not just mine, they belong to all of us, to the EXTREME!

And for two similar and similarly great movies about men at the peak and decline of their macho craft, may I recommend you to THE LUSTY MEN and COCKFIGHTER? Nothing wrong with self-hype if you believe in yourself! Boo-Radley!