May 2007 | Issue 56
By Lesley Chow
"The Coppola ideal is a young girl trapped in fustiness: she can be an object of voyeurism without a trace of lewdness, and remain spiritually intact even when accessorized."
By Robert Castle
"She is so enthralled by her boy, the loving product from her own body, that she remains blind to his true nature."
By James Corbett
"The blue Tron team delivers the red team the drubbing the Americans were never able to deliver the Soviets . . ."
By D. J. M. Saunders
A Progress
By Ian Johnston
"It's a critique that's one step away from excusing Theo (the 'woman was asking for it' defence) . . ."
By Ian Johnston
"What we're given is a sense that the structures of our civilisation have broken down . . ."
By David L. Pike
Indigenous film, global dreams
By Gordon Thomas
"When what you write about is what you see/What do you write about when it's dark?" (Charles Wright)
By Alan Vanneman
Keats, Shelley, and firm, manly thighs
By Jesse Stommel
"We are always already in a state of being on the cusp of an unraveling, a violent deconstruction, an explosive discharge of disruption and freeplay . . ."
By Anya Meksin
Stick to the trailer
By Alan Vanneman
No Betty White, but funny!
By Alan Vanneman
The evil that men do in a Fairfax County regional park
By Charles Lord
"By describing a conscience for James Bond the character, the story has provided a subconscious for James Bond the movies
By Alan Vanneman
"Plot keywords: drugs, glamour, party, rent boy, sex, bisexual, celebrity, con artist, male model"
By Alan Vanneman
With one, yeah, pretty major caveat
By Alan Vanneman
The King of the Backseat Blowjob gets mildly post-ironist on your ass
By Tony Macklin
"A brutal, slick game"
By Megan Ratner
For boomers, "the idea that Mom and Dad are flawed human beings with complicated histories and real feelings can be hard to accept."
By Amy Nolan
"I should like to keep that out of me"
By Julian Upton
A genius self-destructs, with a little help from Hollywood
By Dan Callahan
"Funny, tender, a little neurotic, a little erotic, and always spontaneous . . ."
By Damien Love
Give us another naked nurse and some more explosions!
By Damon Smith
"But I was accused of enjoying walking up and down the red carpet! Their rage knew no bounds."
By Gordon Thomas
An ongoing column that looks at some of the most intriguing of recent, under-the-radar releases
By Karin Luisa Badt
"The documentaries that most stood out have a near fictional flair, blurring the border between reality and fable."
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Margaret Lockwood in The Man in GreyOne of the great Gainsborough melodramas, in the longer UK cut, on the always accommodating (if sometimes only temporarily) YouTube. Margaret Lockwood is as "wicked" here as she is in Wicked Lady. Watch it before the copyright police come a-callin'!

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Gordon Thomas, and other BL staff, check out the eye- popping pleasures of Blu-Ray.

» Monsoon Wedding (Mira Nair)
» The General (Keaton)
» Sunrise (Murnau)
» 8-1/2 (Fellini)
» Playtime (Tati)
» Winstanley (Brownlow & Mollo)
» Permissive (Shonteff)
» Lola Montes (Ophuls)
» My Childhood, My Ain Folk ... (Bill Douglas)
» In the Realm of the Senses (Oshima)
» Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney)
» Repulsion (Polanski)
» Institute Benjamenta (Brothers Quay)
» Everlasting Moments (Troell)

BL Associate Editor Alan Vanneman and others watch (and review) television shows so you don't have to. Click if you dare.

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» Pamela Anderson Roast
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» Star Trek

I'm sick of movies, Mr. Webmaster. Take me away!

Gazillions of free books, audio, and video. Grab 'em before the copyright police come knocking!

» Glenn Greenwald
The indomitable civil liberties champion takes exception to American exceptionalism. You will too when you read his blistering analyses.

» Project Gutenberg

» Creative Commons
"All Creative Commons licenses have many important features in common. Every license helps creators retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work — at least non-commercially."

» The Ivy Compton-Burnett home page
A Bright Lights side project created by George Brown devoted to the greatest novelist of the 20th century. There, we said it.

» Raw Vision
The leading online site (and print publication) devoted to those zany untrained artists who channel personality quirks, neuroses, idées fixes, and downright craziness into Art.

An endlessly fascinating clearinghouse for "the greatest hand-picked collection of bizarre, strange and unusual websites on the internet today." Highlights include the enchanting "Prison Bitch Name Generator" and "Life Gem" – how to "turn your deceased loved one into a diamond."

» Clark Ashton Smith
The premier fantasy poet and short-story writer (and sculptor and artist) gets a detailed blog that's a model for intelligent fan-ism. Watch out for falling curmudgeons in the forum.

» Classic Arcade Games
Miss Asteroids? Centipede? Frogger? Miss that you missed them? Here's your chance to enjoy the state of the art circa 1980s.

» Jack Vance
Wikipedia's gateway to our favorite writer in and of science fiction and fantasy. A national treasure.

» Electronic Frontier Foundation
"EFF fights for freedom primarily in the courts, bringing and defending lawsuits even when that means taking on the US government or large corporations." Go EFF!

» The Canonical List of Weird Band Names: The Peculiar and the Profane
Another Bright Lights side project from the inimitable George Brown. You probably know the Meat Puppets but how about Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders?

» James Purdy
A good introduction to a criminally neglected postwar literary master. Be 21 or be gone for his gorgeous, harrowing works, kids.

» The Radical Ant Farm
This page answers that nagging question: "What's up with the Russian criminal tattoos?" The rest of the site offers further fun.

» Spectro-Pop
Monumental site devoted to '60s pop music – you know, that stuff playing in the background during the orgy.

» The Left Business Observer
Doug Henwood's long-running economics newsletter, called "invaluable" by Noam Chomsky. Need we say more?

» Jane Bowles
Go to Wikipedia and improve this "stub" on the writer Tennessee Williams looked up to and James Purdy called "the eagle-woman of American letters."

The best online radio station for our money. A deep archive and no-music-turned-away policy will keep you rollin' and tumblin' till the apocalypse.

» Henry Green
Must we create a detailed tribute page to this extraordinary British novelist championed by Auden, Updike, and Terry Southern? Or will you do it? Start with Concluding (1948).

» Women of Surrealism
They weren't all "muses" and maids – these women equaled or surpassed their more celebrated male counterparts in vision and technique.

» Ronald Firbank
He called the president of Haiti "a perfect dear" and was known to eat a single pea at dinner. Oh, and he ranks with Joyce and Woolf (see Edmund Wilson) as a groundbreaking literary modernist.

» Essential Vermeer
Everything you need to know about the Dutch master of light and mysterious figures.

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